Sunday 11 December 2011

Within The Fall - A Story To Be Told (Demo)

I got sent this demo a couple of days ago to review. Before I do though, here's a little introduction to Within The Fall.

Within The Fall are a doom metal band from Sweden, that started in 2010. The line-up is
Joakim Rudemyr on vocals, Mike Wennerstrand on guitars & backing vocals, David Andersson on guitar & bass and Marcus Whelamsson on drums.
So to the demo, which is made up of two tracks. First track A Story To Be Told starts with a wintry intro of rain and lightning, with a slowly building instrumental passage before the song kicks in, with a growl and thunderous guitar, that will jolt the listener into life. It then settles back down to clean picked guitar and almost spoken word/softly growled vocals. The clean guitar solo is brilliant before moving into a verse of deep growls and and more thunderous riffage. The songs moves through quiet and loud passages, with lots of different elements infused into the music. The variety of whispered and growled vocals give a sense of evil. The song wades in at just under 10 minutes, but doesn't outstay it's welcome, because of ti's different elements. If you like bands like Insomnium and Swallow the Sun, you'll really enjoy this.
Second track Graveyard of Gods, follows on from the title track with similar clean guitar picking sitting lower in the mix and another peaceful but building intro. The band introduces guitar harmonies to the verses, which add another touch of class to the song. It's mainly instrumental again, but the instrumentation is beautiful and thoughtful. There's clearly a lot of talent of display here and it shows that Within The Fall are happy to progress with a sub-genre that can sometimes sound staid.

Towards the end of Graveyard of Gods, I got a sense of euphoria from listening to it, which I normally get when I listen to big, doom metal songs. It normally means that I know I've just listened to a song with real meaning and musicianship, where the band have been able to convey their feeling and emotions through their music.
In summary, this is perfect warming doom for the winter months, full of brilliant musicianship that will transport you to another world. I really can't wait to here the new songs from this band. They are due to record an EP in January, so keep an eye out.
You can download Within The Fall's demo via this link Within the Fall-A Story to be Told and please make sure you visit them on Facebook at

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