Thursday 8 December 2011

My top ten bands of 2011

I thought I'd have a go at listing my top ten bands of 2011. These are bands that I've discovered this year, so in no particular order here goes:-

1. Kollwitz - These guys are immense. I bought their album "Like Iron I Rust" earlier this year and was blown away by their musicianship and the beauty of this record. It's not often an album has that kind of effect on me, but it was truly amazing. Buy it!

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2. A Wanted Awakening - These guys play brilliant modern metal. In a scene full of carbon copies and fashion bands, these guys are refreshing and honest. It's great to sit back and headbang to, especially their EP "Rebirth".

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3. Mallory Knox - I like my melodic music, and the fact that these guys are holding it down for the UK is incredible. They have great hooks but are thoughtful as well, and vocalist Mikey Chapman can really sing.

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4. xCURRAHEEx - I couldn't have a top ten list without a homegrown hardcore band. While these guys may have been going for a few years now, I only discovered the properly this year, I'm glad I did. I've bought all of their vinyl releases since then and love em.

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5. Heksed - These guys are Norwegian behemoths. They have a 7 inch release out soon on Thirty Days of Night records and they are brilliant. If you like, grimy, slow and heavy hardcore, these guys are for you.

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6. The Browning - I'm sure these guys will divide opinion, but I love em. Their mix of mosh and electronica hits the spot when I'm in a bouncing and the fact they're signed to Earache records, means they must be pretty good.

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7. Todos Caerán - These guys an immensely passionate screamo band from Canada. But, they're not your usual screamo, they have a great sense of melody and their songs are euphoric in their delivery.

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8. Midnight Chaser - I couldn't do a top ten list without including a real heavy metal band. I heard these guys a few weeks ago, and boy I'm glad I did. They're signed to Heavy Artillery records, which is awesome in itself, and they are incredible.

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9. Hang The Bastard - Another band I was quite slow cottoning onto, but wow! They're heavy, sludgy and play the type of hardcore that I really love. It's a plus that they're from blighty!

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10. Cyvoid - Last but not least, I come to these guys. They're an awesome thrash band, that formed out of the ashes of undead nutters Send More Paramedics, amongst others. They're from Yorkshire too, which is great! I've bought their self titled 10" recently, which rages!

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Now, whether they're the first on the list or the last, they're all awesome and deserve a listen. This is my own attempt, so please just promise me you'll check out all of these bands if you haven't already.

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