Wednesday 7 December 2011

Burn Everything - Last Run Through The Ruins

Burn Everything are very progressive, hardcore band from Rochester, USA. They are Matt Dalberth on Vox, Damian Marinaccio and  Charlie Street on guitars, Mike Gifaldi on bass and Tony Castronova on drums They formed in 2007, released a self titled EP in 2008 and then followed it 3 years later with this EP, Last Run Through The Ruins.

The majority of the metal/hardcore scene in the US tends to be made up of bands following the crowd, so it's really awesome to find a band like Burn Everything, who are trying to push boundaries and move forward. That's definitely true about this record, it's full of heavy, off-kilter guitar riffs, time-changes aplenty thanks to their rhythm section and Matt Dalberth's vocals, which are audible and work really well with the music.

The band are fast and brutal, with a lot of deft touches within their songs. They show a slightly more sensitive side too, with the last song "Crumbling Monolith", which is an instrumental track that calms things down after a pretty relentless bruising from the rest of the EP.

The songs are the right length as well. Most bands try to over complicate things, by making their songs too long, but not Burn Everything. You'll have a lot of fun listening to this, especially if you're a fan of forward thinking, intelligent music.

They must be doing something right, as they've had the pleasure of sharing stages with the likes of Vader, Psyopus and Brutal Truth!

I've post a link to their Bandcamp page below, where you can listen to this and their self-tilted EP:-

Burn Everything are definitely ones to watch for the future. They are playing what they want to play, not pandering to the masses and just writing awesome metal songs! Judging by the responses these guy's are getting, they're only gonna get bigger.

Now, there are plenty of other ways to check out Burn Everything as well. You can visit their Facebook page at, Check out their Reverbnation page at, chat with them on Twitter at and watch their videos on Youtube at

Also, go and check out their merch at

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