Saturday 21 May 2011

The Vultures are circling - Vultures In Vivid Colours

So, as I carry on my look at the Yorkshire metal scene, my latest feature is on Vultures In Vivid Colours, another band from the fertile scene in Hull. These guys form part of a growing scene which also includes other up-and-coming bands including Outspoken Silence and Beneath the Eyes of Eternity, to name a couple.

VIVC formed in 2008, out of the ashes of another local called Reign of Chaos. They are influenced by the likes of  Norma Jean and Poison the well. The band is currently made up of Vocalist - Ben Middleton, Guitarist - Nick Milner, Bassist - Zak Foster and Drummer - Rob Johnson. The guys are also about to announce a second guitarist. They are about to embark on a tour in June, which will take them to Edinburgh and Middlesborough amongst other, with We Shot the Groundskeeper and Allure in Grace.

A little while ago, I caught up with guitarist Nick Milner to find out more about VIVC:-

So guys, how's it going?

Its going splendid thank you. Things are taking there time but the creativity is flowing 
and we are in the late stages of writing our new set. we are all super happy with how things are sounding.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
we'll be dusting off our gear and hitting up the local venues end of June 
with our new drummer Rob Johnson and a yet to be named new guitarist. 
you should hear some demo tracks before then maybe even a video or two.
then its tour, tour, tour. gig, gig, gig. its been 6 months since our last gig
and we are missing it a ridiculous amount so we plan to make up for lost time
and show people this bands far from dead. 

You've already got a summer tour sorted. Tell us a bit about that and the bands you're playing with?
yer, we hit the road July 24th with our boys in Allure in grace and We shot the groundskeeper we are super stoked to be touring with these guys, Allure in graces E.P is awesome and the WSTG lads are good buds so its gonna be a hellish 2 weeks for the kidneys. when Rob and Mat get together I'm sure all kind of hell is going to break loose!

How did you end up forming VIVC?
Oh man this takes me back a bit i think it was around September 2008 that the name first came up i joined a local band called reign of chaos with a couple of guys id hardly met before they said to me they only had two shows left and then they wanted to rename and reform, and that's where VIVC was born they were fun days and for a few of us the first time we'd been in a constantly gigging band. hanging out at chocolate factory.
the members have changed slightly (Sam and Chris now in Beneath the eyes of eternity and Mat now in Demoraliser) but we've always had fun throughout and we always plan too this band has given me some of the best friends I've ever had.

Have you got plans for any releases in the near future?
Most definitely we'll have a few tracks online within the next 2 months and then once were back from tour we'll be hitting the studio to record our first release to tour off the back of again later in the year. Its gonna be a fine blend of face punching heaviness and calm soothing interludes. something to fuck too and something to fight too.

I read somewhere that you guys are going in a different direction with your music. What made you decide to progress from your current style?
the band has always been about individuality, we all have our own individual tastes and preferences. we've done the whole metalcore thing 
and even touched on melodic hardcore but the style we are heading towards now has always been somewhere we've wanted to be. i guess now there's a harmony in the band and we all want the same thing. I don't wanna compare us to other bands but i will say its a much more maturer sound then previous. we've dropped the constant riffs and created stuff that we can enjoy ourselves a lot more too while playing and I'm sure the kids in the crowd are gonna have a lot more fun to it. its like nothing anyone else is playing in Hull at the minute.

Can you guys give your tips on bands to check out this year from your local scene?
Locally check out In Sincerity, Beneath The Eyes Of Eternity, The lads in Hand&Cleaver, The Tyrannical Legends that are Outspoken Silence, Curses from Leeds one of my top 10 bands at the minute and you wont be able to avoid the freight train that is Demoraliser them Lads are tear shit up this year.

You can currently download everything the band have ever recorded at this Mediafire link -

Also, if you want to find out more about Vultures In Vivid Colours, you can find them on Facebook at -, Myspace at - and you can buy merch at their BigCartel page at -

So check VIVC out and listen to their music, as these guys are another great excuse for you to listen to homegrown metal talent!

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