Saturday 21 May 2011

Colossus - Spiritual Myiasis EP

So time for something different. Colossus are a three-peice sludge metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. They're not you're traditional sludge band though, as their music a more progressive, but no less hypnotic.

Colossus are made up of Niklas Eriksson on Guitar & Vocals, David Axman - Bass and
Thomas Norstedt - Drum. These guys show another face of the ever expanding Swedish metal scene.
This brings me onto their three track demo - Spiritual Myiasis. On lead track Parasite, they begin with progressive, buzzsaw guitar riffs and an offbeat rhythm section. The vocals arefit the music really well, not too aggresive or deep and remeniscent of Mastodon or High of Fire. You can tell that this is music from a cold ravaged landscape, as there is almost a despondency to it which we've come to expect from sludge influenced metal. They are of the ilk that let their instrumentation do a lot of the talking, and this is true of the second track on the demo, The Gnawing. The band get more brutal at the start of the song and then move into their progressive best again, with vocals thats bring to mind At the Drive-in. The song title being very apt, as the song does gnaw at the listener and makes them take note, especially of the drum solo part way through, which is good as this is the longest track on the demo. The band rock out more towards the end of track and include some decent guitar melodies that herald the end of the song. Third track Eternal Return, is more of a straightforward sludge song, with that deep and slow guitar sound in the intro and a wailing lead as the song slows for the verse. The conventional sludge in the song sounds awesomely heavy, as the band moves to disorienate the listener with more progressive moments mid way through the track. The extended instrumental four minutes in is a nice touch, before moving back to bludgeon the listener.
This is a really impressive demo and shows a band very adept at weaving different influences into their sound. The production is what you'd expect from a sludge demo and adds a lot to the songs. This is very promising and it'll be good to see what Colossus come up with for future releases.
If you want to listen to Spiritual Myiasis, head over to Colossus's Soundcloud page below.

Parasite by Colossusstockholm

You can check Colossus out on their Facebook page at or at their own website

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