Sunday 7 July 2024

Mutagenic Host - The Genotoxic Demo

Labels: Self-Released/Dry Cough Records/Excarnation Records

Formats: Digital/Tape/CD

Release Date: 19 Jan 2023


1. Mutagen

2. March Of Pestilence

3. Enforced Bodily Terror

4. Hive Unintelligence

5. Metaphysical Maladies

In January of last year a brand new international death metal band emerged. Made up of members from Finland, USA and the UK, Mutagenic Host self-released their debut The Genotoxic Demo digitally that same month, while UK label Dry Cough Records made not one but two pressings on tape. Fast-forward a year and Brazilian label Excarnation Records released the demo on CD with a slightly different cover (see below).

Opening the demo with the unnervingly ambient, sample-filled intro ‘Mutagen’, there’s no need to second guess whats to come. ‘March Of Pestilence’ does all the guessing for you with it’s filthy, riff-filled death metal. Metallic in places and with harrowing vocals, it takes a bit of time to truly get going percussion-wise but when it does, there’s no escape. 

The excellently titled ‘Enforced Bodily Terror’ conjures up images of unimaginable torture and I guess that’s what Mutagenic Host were going for when they wrote it. It’s very much mid-paced in delivery but to be honest, all of the best death metal is at the slower/sludgier end of the tempo spectrum imo.

‘Hive Unintelligence’ has that slam vibe going on straight from the off, though that vibe is ultimately misleading as the sound morphs into something much more old-school and grinding soon after. The mix of fast and slow tempos really work here as Mutagenic Host reach their true, gruesome stride. 

Demo closer ‘Metaphysical Maladies’ comes at you way too quickly (I feel like I say that a lot!), but in this case it’s definitely true. It’s all down to the pace and song-writing that’s employed by Mutagenic Host, as they bring this impressive first release to a crushing end.

Mutagenic Host align themselves with the NWOBDM (New Wave Of British Death Metal) and they’re in great company. Dry Cough Records, alongside other labels, have been championing the latest wave of British death metal bands lately (including but not limited to Slimelord, Mortuary Spawn, Atvm etc). The future looks decidedly murky and dank, much like state of the nation. It’s almost like it was meant to be.

You can download the demo for just £1 (or more) via bandcamp below:-

Mutagenic Host Instagram - @mutagenichost

Dry Cough Records -

Copies of the 2nd tape press from Dry Cough Records can be purchased from the link below:-

Get in touch with Excarnation Records if you'd like a CD copy here -

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