Friday 31 May 2024

Tragedy Struck First - Forever Gone Single Premiere

Today sees the release of the brand new single from UK melodic metal band Tragedy Struck First. About a year ago I premiered the band's single 'That Which Leaves Us Hollow' via my Youtube Channel. It gained over 1,200 views at the time and now I'm really excited to be able to share the band's latest single 'Forever Gone'.

Back when I featured 'That Which Leaves Us Hollow',  Tragedy Struck First was essentially the solo-project of Grymm Neve but more recently the project has morphed into a full band line-up. That line-up is - Grymm Neve on vocals, Kajun Wickham on guitars, Jack Buckley on guitars and Bill Kent on Drums. 

'Forever Gone' is their latest single and you can stream it via my Youtube channel once again below:-

Here's what Grymm had to say about the song and what it means to him:-

“We have all suffered grief through losing a loved one at some point in our lives and through this track we hope to connect to the listener so they don't feel alone in their darkest hours”

'Forever Gone' definitely lives up to it's melodic metal billing, but with added elements of death metal and deathcore. The influences of Bury Tomorrow, Shadow Of Intent and Ingested, alongside some subtle Scandinavian-like tones. The full-band recording is really good and promises a great deal. The future of Tragedy Struck First has been cemented here and will hopefully lead to more music and maybe even a full-length record in time.

The above video was my own attempt for this premiere but Tragedy Struck First also released a lyric video (which is honestly much better) and you can view it below:-

Please give them your support and stream/watch/share the hell of this on all streaming platforms where you can and follow their progress here -

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