Tuesday 7 May 2024

Solstice Pyre - The Sighting Of Ethereal Dimension

 Labels: Self-Released/Death Prayer Records

Formats: Digital/Vinyl

Release Date: 07 Jan 2023


1. The Spawn Of Havoc

2. Negative Dimensional Vortices

3. The Burning Citadel

4. Requiem For The Fallen

5. On The Edge Of The World

UK black metal label Death Prayer Records put on back-to-back bandcamp listening parties last Friday. The first one was to promote the vinyl release of the debut EP The Sighting Of Ethereal Dimension by Indonesian symphonic black metal band Solstice Pyre. It's great to see the label championing yet more bands from further afield. There isn't a lot of info out there about them, so while things are kept mysterious, their music will do the talking.

Solstice Pyre begin in the most bombastic fashion with the melodic/symphonic tones of ‘The Spawn Of Havoc’, which manage to shroud their cold and raw black metal. At times it’s similar to the sound of Bal-Sagoth, yet the music contained here is less entrenched in fantasy. ’Negative Dimensional Vortices’ leans a lot more towards straightforward black metal, with the keys taking a slightly less prominent role. Instead, they’re replaced by greater use of furious guitar and those frostbitten growls.

It’s evident already that Solstice Pyre want to make their music more expansive and on ‘The Burning Citadel’ they go further in that direction. It’s nearly seven minutes in length and because of that it shows off a more mid-tempo sound, and approach from the band. The symphonic additions are still present but as before, they’re used as a way to compliment the extremity that’s present.

After that barrage of intensity, the short instrumental piece ‘Requiem For The Fallen’ offers up only light relief before ‘On The Edge Of The Void’ provides one final blast of outstanding Indonesian black metal. It really is that good! I knew beforehand that Indonesia was nailing the death metal/grind sound but didn’t have it down as a country that embraced black metal as well performed as this. 

This final song exhibits why no country (however small) should be Ignored when it comes to extreme metal, especially black metal. I appreciate that it’s taken UK label Death Prayer Records to bring Solstice Pyre to my attention, but hopefully it also brings them to the attention of many other metal fans too.

You can stream and purchase The Sighting Of Ethereal Dimension on digital or sumptuous purple/gold flake vinyl formats below:-

Copies can also be purchased from Death Prayer Records here - https://deathprayerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-sighting-of-ethereal-dimension

Death Prayer Records - https://www.facebook.com/deathprayerrecords

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