Saturday 20 August 2022

Great American Ghost - Torture World

Labels: MNRK Heavy

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 20 Jan 2022


1. Kingmaker

2. Torture World

3. Womb

4. Death Forgives No One

There's this huge new wave of American heavy hardcore and deathcore that I'm only just catching up with now. Great American Ghost make up a part of that wave, including the likes of Enterprise Earth and Sentinels (and no doubt many more I'm missing). Great American Ghost's latest EP Torture World was released via MNRK Heavy in January. Prior to this EP, the trio have released three albums and an earlier two-song EP (all since 2015), so they're pretty prolific!

If like me you’ve made it through a tough week, let some steam off with this beast of an EP. Torture World plays on the blurred lines between hardcore, djent and thrash. ‘Kingmaker’ is definitely heavy and groovy with blasting percussion, harsh vocals and even breakdowns; catering for the heavy music fan that still enjoys a bit of an ear worm too.

What I mean by that last sentence is that this EP is a modern, melodic take on hardcore. Less chaotic and more catchy. There’s nothing wrong with that though as the title-track ‘Torture World’ exhibits. It’s no surprise to know that this release was produced by Will Putney (A Day To Remember, Knocked Loose, The Amity Affliction and more). The contrast between their melodic side and their death metal/core side is evident towards the end of the song and it’s pretty damn good.

Their sound is heavily rooted within modern death metal/hardcore to my ears, which aren’t always spot on but when listening to ‘Womb’ I do hear thrash poking through as well, especially within that epic solo towards the end. I guess this is one of those reviews where I’ve gotten too hung up on genres/sub-genres again, but with that being said, I describe what I hear and hope that through these words, people can find new music that they love.

Final song ‘Death Forgives No One’ is also the EP’s longest, yet it flies by all too quickly. It’s really listenable and is bloody heavy in places too. I’ve read that the band appreciates Meshuggah a great deal and I hear their influence in the music for sure. This is a really strong EP from a band that has a lot of experience behind them now. 

You can stream and purchase Torture World on all formats via Bandcamp below:-

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