Monday 27 June 2022

Space Coke - Lunacy

Labels: Forbidden Place Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 14 Jan 2022


1. Bride Of Satan

2. Alice Lilitu

3. Frozen World

4. Lightmare

5. Twist Of Cain (Danzig Cover)

Coming at you with an actual 2022 release tonight! Granted, it was released in January but it's progress all the same. Lunacy is the latest full-length for US stoner/doom band Space Coke, which fellow US label Forbidden Place Records helped spread as far as possible on CD and digitally, with the rumour of a vinyl pressing coming at some point in the future too. Space Coke started life way back in 2008, though it wasn't until 2017 when they put out their first EP Neil deGrasse High E.P., with not one but two full-lengths coming just a year later in the form of South Cackapulco Gold and L'appel du Vide (if Metal Archives is correct).

Here we go then! I’ve got a glass of red wine in hand and the volume turned up. Album opener ‘Bride Of Satan’ is much easier on the ear than I was expecting (though I should learn to go into these things without such preconceptions buy now!). Definitely psychedelic and 70s inspired with the effect-filled vocals, and organ/keys in the background. The guitar/bass work is very doomy and the drums punchy. 

Space Coke don’t mind venturing from their stoner/doom/psych blueprint. ‘Alice Lilitu’ starts with a suitably weird spoken-word/sampled intro, before leading into an equally weird yet catchy as hell song. Hell, the song is over twelve-and-a-half minutes long so there’s no need the be too serious is there! It actually reminds me of Muse, but if they were on hallucinatory drugs and Nick Oliveri was their bassist. Definitely groovier than Glastonbury for sure!

There’s a desert/surf-rock vibe hidden within ‘Frozen World’ that seems to be underpinned by vocoder-style vocals, which are pretty cool and match the music. That’s something I never thought I’d say! In terms of Space Coke’s songs though, it goes by all too quickly. It’s really memorable though.

‘Lightmare’ starts with a stark and heart-wrenching sampled passage. It’s words are haunting and oh so real. Even the addition or organ in the background does little to lighten the mood. It’s probably the heaviest song  on Lunacy when it gets going, especially in the riffs, percussion and deeper vocals. 

I’m nearing the bottom of my glass of wine as album closer and Danzig cover ‘Twist Of Cain’ comes into view, and it’s a glorious way to end the album. Subtly thrashy in parts (mainly due to it’s tempo) but also utterly infectious and once again, catchy. I think there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s done in the right way, as opposed to being straight up cheesy. Space Coke get it right and it shows.

This is a fantastic album from a band that deserve much more exposure than I can give them. Space Coke smash it and during these balmy early summer nights, provide the carefree party vibes we all need.

For fans of: Muse, Mondo Generator, Red Fang, Green Lung & Ritual King

You can stream and purchase Lunacy digitally from Space Coke below:-

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