Thursday 16 June 2022

Black Wound - To The Endless Depths

Labels: Dry Cough Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 04 Aug 2021


1. Absence Of Will

2. From Eternity And Beyond

3. Unending Labyrinth

4. Lurker Of The Threshold/Dweller Of The Depths

5. Traitor

The band I'm reviewing this evening have a bit of a complex history. The Swedish death/doom band (now known as Black Wound) released three demos in 2021, two of which predated To The Endless Depths. The first being Planetary Holocaust, which was originally recorded and released when they were known as Odium and Christ Betrayal, when they were known as Rotten Incarnation. With the current line-up being formed of three members from both of the aforementioned bands, they went on to release To The Endless Depths via UK label Dry Cough Records last August. Metal Archives-based semantics aside, Black Wound are another exciting new death/doom band hailing from the fertile shores of Sweden, which can only be a good thing,

Bass-heavy, low-slung death/doom with utterly filthy gutturals. That’s what you’re greeted with on EP opener ‘Absence Of Will’. A lot more death than doom from Black Wound but the atmosphere’s a lot gloomier than it might first appear. The lo-fi recording and production of this tape really helps with the aforementioned atmosphere. On ‘From Eternity And Beyond’, Black Wound ratchets up the doom with lumbering riffs and plenty of crash cymbal madness. It shows just what they can do with longer songs. Not so much devastating, more devouring in it’s intensity.

The groove of the bass that kicks off ‘Unending Labyrinth’ is an unexpected addition to the grim layers within Black Wound’s music and it leads the way through the whole song. Yes it’s still an extreme number but it’s one filled with catchy tempos and innocent old-school values. I’m not sure if this is two songs rolled into one but ‘Lurker Of The Threshold/Dweller Of The Depths’ is the most oppressive addition to the EP. Even more oppressive than this mini heatwave we’re experiencing in the UK right now. It’s also much better with the volume turned way up, as it reveals all of the band’s instrumental nuances, of which there are plenty if you dedicate time and energy too them.

Final song ‘Traitor’ follows on with an instant percussive wake-up call. The kick drum here is loud! It adds massive heft to the crawling death/doom that flutters around it. The vocals are pretty frightening at times and raspy at others. About a third of the way through they change direction, becoming melodic and almost mystical for a moment, before switching back to their already ploughed furrow. This release is not for the faint of heart. You can’t just dabble in it’s darkness, you have to immerse yourself in it and move far below the surface world. Black Wound is hell personified and all the better for it. 

For Fans Of: Incantation, Skaphe, Abstracter, Malignant Altar and Fossilization

You can stream and purchase To The Endless Depths as a name-your-price download from Black Wound below:-

There were two runs of tapes released via Dry Cough Records. Both runs are sold out.

Black Wound -

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