Tuesday 9 June 2020

Sun Worship - Elder Giants

Labels: Dead Section Records/Sick Man Getting Sick Records/Translation Loss Records/View From The Coffin/Vendetta Records
Formats: Viny/CD/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 08 Mar 2014


1. We Sleep
2. The Absolute Is Becoming
3. Elder Giants
4. Transneptunian (Infinite Gaze)

In a change to the advertised review, I thought I'd delve into my 'digital' review stack once again and write about the 2014 album Elder Giants by German black metal band Sun Worship (I must have been sleeping for most of 2014, as it was a great year for music). In July 2013 I wrote about their EP Surpass Eclipse and then they fell off my radar, which is embarrassing to admit. Elder Giants was originally released digitally by Sun Worship and at the same time an accompanying CD/Tape release was made available via View From The Coffin. In September 2015, it saw a vinyl release via Dead Section Records and Sick Man Getting Sick Records, as well as another CD pressing via Translation Loss before a third CD release just last year via Vendetta Records. Now catch your breath and enjoy...

2014 as I’ve already said was a very solid year for heavy music and it’s obvious that I just couldn’t keep up. Elder Giants by Sun Worship was one release (of many) that seemingly slipped my grasp and I’m gutted that it did. On album opener ‘We Sleep’, you can definitely see why it was picked up by Vendetta Records for a CD re-release last year, given that label’s current love of black metal-leaning music. It’s rich in texture and volume, the instrumentation completely enveloping the vocals, creating something very intense indeed.

I’m a big fan of atmospheric black metal/post-metal. I know that some might call me a poser for saying that but it’s true. Sun Worship doesn’t come across as pretentious though, just heavy and immersive. ‘The Absolute Is Becoming’ continues their all-encompassing instrumental attack, leaving no stone unturned or ear saved. The three-minute instrumental intro to it is mighty and when those growled vocals come in, they don’t shake you but they further add to the emotive nature of Sun Worship’s music. 

The album’s title-track ‘Elder Giants’ is as grandiose as you’d expect given the delivery so far. It’s not the longest song here but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It just seems as though Sun Worship have hit their stride here and perfectly so. Moments of post-metal introspection nestle within the song and offer (slightly) calmer periods in-between the barrage of riffs and punishing drum work. 

Elder Giants ends with ‘Transneptunian (Infinite Gaze)’ and it’s ambient/white-noise inspired opening, which becomes more ambient and less white-noise as it progresses. It’s soothing given the full-power that’s graced the album up to this point and with there addition of synths, there’s a cosmic quality to it. A lot of synth use in music of this nature can sound false but here it compliments Sun Worship’s approach.

This whole album is utterly immersive from start to finish, especially if you’re a fan of extreme metal in any way. Chances are you will have already heard of this or even own it in some form, but if not it’s never too late to remedy that. I have the 2016 full-length on my list to write about too, so stand by for that in the near future.

You can stream the album and purchased it digitally or on CD (the 2019 Vendetta version) below:-

Vendetta Records is the only label that you can currently buy copies from too, via this link - 

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