Saturday 6 June 2020

Primitive Teeth - Primitive Teeth 7"

Labels: Dirt Cult Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 20 May 2020


1. Bubble Of Me
2. Auscultation
3. Avoidance
4. Out Of Sync

I've found myself covering a lot of heavier music again, as that's the mood I've been in. One sub-genre I've had a hard time with over the years is post-punk, though I'm not sure why. A couple of bands that roughly sit in that field were sent my way recently and Chicago's Primitive Teeth is one of them. Their newest EP Primitive Teeth was released via Dirt Cult Records in May and it follows their Self-Titled EP that was released last year. 

I guess I always associated post-punk with goth/industrial forms of music, which I’m not really into but maybe I should reassess that. Primitive Teeth play gloomy punk with lots of 80s influence and at times, vocalist Christine Wolf sounds like a modern day Annie Lennox on ‘Bubble Of Me’. It’s music is stark in places, it’s tempo doesn’t often deviate from that driving mid-paced repetition but in the instrumentation, you can tell that the band has a long history with punk and hardcore.

There’s a strange melody to ‘Auscultation’ that draws you in and while the vocals soar on top, the overall atmosphere pulls you down. It’s not upbeat and It’s not meant to be. It’s not a hard listen though and the clean elements add a catchiness that’s deceptive.

Again, this EP contains a real radio-friendly 80s vibe and ‘Avoidance’ just pushes it further without being showy or over the top. Primitive Teeth’s no-nonsense approach to their music keeps things short and sharp. Everything is controlled and while it doesn’t sound clinical, the song does have a cold feel, one that dissociates itself from the usual emotion that comes through music in general.

That being said, Primitive Teeth are not soulless. They’re just good songwriters and EP closer ‘Out Of Sync’ keeps things on track. Simplicity is definitely the key here and it works really well. I think the fact that Primitive Teeth is rooted in punk and hardcore is the difference for me. One band isn’t going to make me change my mind about post-punk but taking an act on it’s own merits, I like this EP a lot. If you want something that’s catchy but with less dissonance and grit, then Primitive Teeth will be for you.

You can stream and purchase Primitive Teeth digitally below:-

7" copies can be ordered via Dirt Cult Records here -

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