Sunday 17 May 2020

Muscipula - Little Chasm Of Horrors

Labels: Caligari Records
Formats: Cassette/Digital
Release Date: 28 Feb 2020


1. Descending Into Chasm Dionanea Muscipula
2. Closed Shut (Enzymatic Death By Digestion)
3. Sphagnum Bog Of The Depraved Droseracea

This is a perfect release for a Sunday night, as the weekend's coming to a close and the grim thought of joining the rat race enter your mind once more. This is the debut demo from US death/doom band Muscipula, which has been released on tape by Caligari Records. There isn't much I can tell you about this band, as their identities and history is unknown. The tape is limited to 150.

I really need to step up my death metal demo collecting game! The artwork on this release is so detailed and it matches the nasty tones of Muscipula perfectly. ‘Descending Into Chasm Dionanea Muscipula’ is a sewer water-drenched take on death metal. It’s got an industrial edge to it thanks to it’s tempo and the precise drumming. The vocals are low and terrifying while the guitar/bass work is surrounded by feedback and white noise. The first impressions are really good.

‘Closed Shut (Enzymatic Death By Digestion)’ is equally as disgusting as the demo’s opener but it also seems more slamming in a strange sort of way. The pinch-harmonics and the thick riffs couple together with the slow tempo to make it sound way more claustrophobic in places. Towards the end, the pace changes and the vocals become even more abrasive.

This is unlike any death metal I’ve heard before. Demo closer ’Sphagnum Bog Of The Depraved Droseracea’ contains a more urgent feel. The industrial influence is still there but Muscipula seems to power through this one with a perverse focus. The warm bass tones are the only thing that keep you from going completely insane. 

This demo goes by very quickly and while Muscipula is from the US, the music on Little Chasm Of Horrors definitely reminds me of the murkiness of Finnish death/doom and bands like Profetus and Solothus. Great stuff indeed and hats off to Caligari for unearthing such a decomposing delight.

You can stream Little Chasm Of Horrors and buy it on tape via Caligari Records here:-

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