Thursday 28 May 2020

Dødskvad - Krønike I

Labels: Caligari Records
Formats: Tape/Digital
Release Date: 20 Feb 2020


1. Rike I Ruiner
2. Adelrate
3. Pakt Med Dypet

It feels like a Friday evening, but alas it is not for another twenty-four hours. I'm looking forward to having two weeks away from the daily grind, please excuse me. I'm not promising I'll be anymore productive blog-wise, because whenever I say I'm going to be, things never happen that way. Enough of my ramblings though and on to Norwegian heavy/mysterious band Dødskvad. Krønike I is the trio's first release and it's found a home on renowned underground US label Caligari Records after being self-released by the band in February. Not a lot is known about them but a little research shows that they've got a good pedigree. Formalities aside, I'm looking forward to some extreme and dark tones.

The last Caligari release I reviewed was the perfect blend of death and doom. I suspect this will be a slightly different affair. Opening with ‘Rike I Ruiner’, Dødskvad’s sound is a cross between rotten death metal and early raw black metal. The bass is right up front on this recording, which gives it a  jazz/blues edge, while the percussion is dominated by cymbal crashes and there’s a subtle folkiness to the guitar melodies. The vocals are pure black aside for some (maybe?) choral tones towards the song’s end. 

Dødskvad have clear musical skill, as demonstrated with the opening wailing solo on ‘Adelrate’. Yes, the overall feel of this demo might be slightly primitive given what some listeners may be used to, but those in question will just have to suck it in. This is a sound that was influenced by much of the first-wave of death/black metal bands and it’s very true to that. There are keyboards present on this recording too, which take centre stage and conclude things here.

Dødskvad call time of their first demo with the lengthier Pakt Med Dypet, which is more of a dirge-like death metal song with oddly upbeat melody and traditional heavy metal leanings. Who would’ve expected twin guitar melodies! That’s what you get though, before you’re whisked once again into the dark depths of demonic hell. That image aside, It’s got an odd sci-fi feel in places, due to the use of synths and that lightens of mood when needed. 

Writing a proper summary of this release would be pointless as the words above should tell you all you need to know. Krønike I is a really strong debut. Dødskvad have their own sound already nailed, so here’s looking onto their next release.

Stream and purchase the demo digitally from the band below:-

Tapes can be purchased from Caligari Records here -

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