Tuesday 14 January 2020

Territories - Quit This City/Defender 7" (Pirates Press Records)

Labels: Pirates Press Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 25 Oct 2019


1. Quit This City
2. Defender

With all of the usual bluster that people get swept up in during the autumn/winter months, it's unsurprising that there are releases that were missed. There was a lot of punk release towards the end of last year and this 7" from Canadian band Territories was late addition to my inbox. It was pressed on vinyl by Pirates Press Records and also released digitally by the band in late October, to coincide with a run of shows in the US. Both band and label are no strangers to each other, as Pirates Press Records on various LP variants, on CD and as a special set of 12 picture flexi discs back in in 2018.

This is great easy-going and heartfelt punk. Quit This City is a story of wanting to get out with your loved ones and break the shackles of where you live, that are holding you down. It’s really well played and even quite nostalgic. Territories is a band made up of members of fellow Canadian punk lifers Knucklehead and they sit comfortably alongside Off With Their Heads and The Draft (US) etc.

Second song Defender is more of the same. It’s mid-paced like the title-track, catchy and true. As quickly as it starts, it seems to end and it’s not even a quick song, it’s just such an effortless listen. That’s the musical nous that Territories has as a band. There’s nothing over-complicated, just good old punk with a down-to-earth attitude and none of the preachiness. 

“Quit This City/Defender” is why the 7” format was made. Short releases containing enough music to allow the listener to enjoy whatever band they’re listening to, while not giving away too much and allowing for further investigation and enjoyment of them down the line. You’re in safe waters with Territories. 

You can stream and buy this EP digitally via Bandcamp below:-

You can buy the 7" separately or part of a bundle via Pirates Press Records below:-

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