Wednesday 15 January 2020

Politess - The Sound Of Crowdfunding (No Funeral Records)

Labels: No Funeral Records
Formats: Tape/Digital
Release Date: 29 Nov 2019


1. Confrontation Par Le Son
2. Obsolescence Recyclable
3. Un Vide A La Fois
4. Tommy S'achete Un Condo Sur Mars (The Chronicles Part. II)
5. Spinner Dans L'fish N' Chips
6. La Police Du Bon Gout

Reaching the mid-way point of the usual weekly grind is always cause to celebrate. I'm gonna celebrate it with...some grind! This is the latest release from (another) Canadian band called Politess. It was released last November on tape via No Funeral Records, as well as digitally via both label and the band themselves. Politess released their first EP band in 2012, before a self-titled full length record in 2015 and then another EP (also released with the help of No Funeral Records) in 2018.  Third EP "The Sound Of Crowdfunding" was released less than twelve months later. This is more than grind and contains loads of mathy nonsense akin to Daughters and Genghis Tron etc. 

This is glitchy, jazz-laden grind with heavy use of electronics. Confrontation Par Le Son is what happens when a screamo band mixes with off-kilter grind and Merzbow. Crazy instrumental acrobatics courtesy of the percussion and guitars sit perfectly with the piercing harsh vocals. Industrial coldness and high-pitched screams that would make The Body proud are present on Obsolescence Recyclable. It also sounds like someone employed an 80s sci-fi robot and lasers for added effect, which should be mandatory if you ask me!

The majority of their songs are what you’d expect from a band majoring in mathy, technical grind and Un Vide A La Fois dials up the weird even more with plenty of reverb-laden vox and Casio-like keyboard effects. What comes next is very different. Tommy S’achete Un Condo Sur Mars (The Chronicles Part II) is their take on minimalist, noisy sludge except it’s being played by an avant-garde jazz troupe. It’s experimental by sheer virtue of being bizarre and so enjoyable. Sandwiched in between Tommy… and the EP closer, is Spinner Dans L’fish N’ Chips, which is just fifty-five seconds of utter madness. That kind of describes the whole EP come to think of it.

La Police Du Bon Gout closes out “The Sound Of Crowdfunding” with a lengthy and musical piece. It’s probably the closest you’re gonna get to conventional music on the EP, but even then it’s not that close. Politess once again show their penchant for experimentation, strange sounds and even a sample of what sounds like someone stopping to have a drink in between. It’s a song that builds in volume and layers, but it never reaches the noisy heights that you might be expecting. 

I have a feeling that Politess is going to be on heavy rotation at TNIO towers for quite some time. This is great experimental grind with a bit of post-hardcore sensibility too. No Funeral Records have smashed it out the park again and considering this small label turned me onto bands as great as Albatros and Paper Hats already, I shouldn’t really have been surprised. Make sure you check this out!

Stream and purchase "The Sound Of Crowdfunding" digitally below:-

Physical tapes can be purchased via No Funeral Records here -

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