Sunday 3 November 2019

Foxmoulder/Coma Regalia - Split 5"

Labels: Boslevan Records/Middle-Man Records/Zegema Beach Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 22 Mar 2014 (roughly)


1. Foxmoulder - Pine
2. Coma Regalia - Suffering/Anger/Peace

I'm trying to keep the content coming, so here's another dive into the discography of awesomness that Zegema Beach Records has either released or helped to release. This split 5" goes all the way back to 2014 and features Foxmoulder and Coma Regalia, two bands that don't really need an introduction. This was Foxmoulder's penultimate release, while for Coma Regalia it's one in a long line of vinyl releases of varying sizes. It was released with the help of Boslevan Records, Middle-Man Records and Zegema Beach Records, and was limited to 500 copies altogether with 50 featuring fluorescent ink on the covers and 450 with normal ink. I've said the R word way too many times in this paragraph.

This split is small in size but musically it’s more than big enough. Foxmoulder’s Pine is a fine slab of screamo in their usual vein, with melodic riffs, furious drums and vocals that feed off the emotion in the song. It’s over all to quickly but the melodies will stay with you. Foxmoulder’s sound is quite expansive and even on this format, it shows.

Coma Regalia manages to fit three songs into the same running-time. Suffering begins without any such intro and is filled with angry hardcore and emo-violence, but with a big cinematic side as well. After a brief rest, Anger comes and goes within seconds and leads to the aptly titled Peace, which is an instrumental outro that brings just that.

Good things come in small packages and it’s true here. Sometimes, it’s difficult for such releases to leave an impact but both Foxmoulder and Coma Regalia do just that. It may be over five years since it’s release, but unbelievably there are still copies available, which I’ll link to below. If you’re a fan of hardcore, screamo, emo or anything then a copy up.

You can stream and purchase the split digitally and physically from Middle-Man Records below:-

You can also still get copies from Zegema Beach Records below:-

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