Wednesday 27 November 2019

Candy - Super-Stare

Labels: Relapse Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 23 Sep 2019


1. Super-Stare
2. Win Free Love

I've seen US hardcore band Candy making waves recently, no doubt helped by joining forces with Relapse Records over recent months. I'm a big fan of what Relapse does and the signing of Candy adds extra variation to an already damn solid roster. Candy released their first demo songs in 2017 and followed them with their debut EP "Candy Says" in November of the same year. More demos and their first full-length "Good To Feel" followed a year later, along with tours and shows with the likes of Harms Way, Fucked Up, Quicksand and Nothing (to name a few) proved that they were destined to reach wider audiences. Their latest two-song EP "Super-Stare" was released via Relapse in September as a precursor to their up-coming second full-length. Here, they bring hardcore and metal even closer together, if that were possible.

I’ve listened to this EP a couple of times in recent weeks and even though it only consists of two songs, it’s super addictive. Kicking off with Super-Stare, Candy provides stomping riffs alongside a slightly psychedelic influences, before pounding drums and harsh vox take over, nestling for room with bass-heavy tones. It’s extremely noisy and that noise grows to almost industrial-like levels before there’s an unexpected break-up featuring guitar work that could’ve come straight off Metallica’s “Black Album’. Those memorable riffs close out the song in the same way that they introduced it.

Second song Win Free Love is urgent and definitely more of a hardcore bruiser, but it still contains the band’s industrial influence (if I'm hearing it right). It’s grinding and chaotic, with no let-up in tempo, but like the title-track it’s catchy. Catchiness is certainly something that you can take away from this EP. Candy’s next full-length is going to be well worth waiting for. This is a good starting point though if you’re new to them.

You can stream and purchase "Super-Stare" on vinyl and digitally via Candy's bandcamp page below:-

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