Sunday 4 November 2018

Night Surf - Enemies EP

Labels: Wiretap Records
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 7 Sep 2018


1. Reanimate
2. Sleight Of Hand
3. Watersnake
4. Enemies

There's something about staring out to the trees with their bronze/brown leaves on an autumnal day like today that just makes me want to spin some punk and kick up the roots. I'm not sure why but that's the way I'm feeling and Brooklyn, NYC's Night Surf seem to be the perfect fit. Their latest EP "Enemies" was released digitally via Wiretap Record in September and it follows their first EP "Blasted!" from November last year. Night Surf is just a bunch of guys playing local shows in NYC and the surrounding area who're famous in Serbia!

The first thing (or band) that springs to mind when EP opener Reanimate starts is Strike Anywhere. It’s more from the vocal melodies than anything else and there’s less of a political edge to Night Surf. Their punk is equally as driving though and catchy as hell. Sleight Of Hand rages like an old-school hardcore song. It’s fast and shouty from start to finish, with pure emotion yet it doesn’t come across as anything close to tough-guy hardcore, which wouldn’t have worked anyway on this EP.

I know that a writer using comparisons can be seen as lazy but with Watersnake I get some Alkaline Trio influences in there, sort of reminding me of Dan Adriano in the vocals while the music also delivers a slightly menacing and darker tone. The title-track is anthemic and it typifies punk at it’s most recognisable to me. The fast and rhythmic percussion and bass, the simple chords and riffs that add body and the vocals/melodies that tie everything up in a nostalgically clever way. 

This is a great EP and Night Surf as a band are exactly what I’ve been looking for, because while they could be considered a pop-punk band in some ways, they’re playing the sort of punk that sounds gritty and true as opposed to many of the big modern bands that could be classified as such. Here’s hoping this gets a physical release soon.

You can stream and purchase "Enemies" digitally via bandcamp below, as well as via all the major outlets:-

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