Saturday 3 November 2018

Berthold City - Moment Of Truth EP

Labels: War Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 30 Mar 2018


1. Moment Of Truth
2. Left For Dead
3. Enough
4. This World On Fire
5. Like Knives
6. Walls Of Hate

Hardcore is still alive and well in 2018. Whether it's people discovering the bands that made the genre what it is for the first time or new bands coming to the fore and writing their own piece of history, the genre is still a massive part of heavy music. L.A. band Berthold City are one band that is spreading the true meaning of hardcore. The line-up includes members of Strife, Internal Affairs (to name a few) and "Moment Of Truth" is the first full EP to come from the band. It was released through US hardcore label War Records earlier this year.

Now the fireworks have died down here, I can finally get to listen to this EP from Berthold City. Starting with the title-track, it’s obvious that Andrew and the crew are pissed off. It’s a rallying cry that’s to the point. None of the songs on this EP outstay their welcome and Left For Dead is as pure as it gets. The US hardcore that courses through the band’s veins shouldn’t be a surprise but here they take it to a new level in terms of ethics and skill. Groove is also a big part of it and with Enough, Berthold City fills the first sixty-seconds with plenty. The mood gets angry again after that opening salvo but it’s that attitude that keeps it both true and enjoyable.

I’ve always found this genre to be uplifting and this EP does nothing to change my mind about that. This World On Fire rages for just over a-minute-and-a-half and it’s amazing how much music the band can fit into that time. The shout-along vocals rule as well. The off-kilter instrumentation adds a new element to Like Knives. The lyrics spread a message about people who talk when they shouldn’t and about how you should ignore them and be your own person (at least that’s how I interpret them anyway). It’s certainly a message to take to heart. The EP ends with Walls Of Hate and it’s clear by now that Berthold City isn’t just another fly-by-night hardcore band. They’re here to stay and to mobilise the genre and it’s followers again. Take notice or get left behind. 

Stream and grab "Moment Of Truth" either digitally or on vinyl below:-

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