Sunday 2 September 2018

Noise From The Northern Powerhouse #2: Kurokuma - Dope Rider

Labels: Doom Stew Records
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 50 Jul 2018


1. Dope Rider Pt. 1
2. Dope Rider Pt. 2

My review series featuring bands from the North of England kind of got off to a bit of a false start. It began last month with a review of the latest EP from Lancashire one-man black metal/noise project Grimmness and then faltered. The whole point of the series was to focus on bands from Yorkshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and the North East of England. For this review I'm featuring Sheffield doom trio Kurokuma and their recent concept EP "Dope Rider". It's based on the 1970's comic strip of the same name and sees the band re-working it into musical form with two tracks. It's been released digitally by the band and on cd/tape via Doom Stew Records, with a vinyl release due to follow later this month.

Kurokuma has always been a great band in a live setting, as I’ve been lucky enough to witness on a couple of occasions. Its great to hear some new music from them, especially after their last EP “Advorsus” and Dope Rider Pt. 1 fills the whole since that release perfectly. They’ve always been adept at mixing traditional doom with psychedelic influences and this is no different. It’s heavy in all areas, from the riffing to the drumming and the vocals. The international touring has certainly helped them to build their sound.

The bruising bass and guitar makes Doom Rider Pt. 2 sound even mightier. There’s still the trio’s signature groove amongst it all but there’s also a progression that shows their willingness to take things in a more extreme direction. That extreme direction is one that’s truly engrossing and enjoyable right from the off and it doesn’t abate. Kurokuma are working a full-length and if this EP is anything to go by, it’s going to be epic. 

With it’s licensed artwork from original strip creator Paul Kirchner, “Dope Rider” is a fully immersive experience, which will look all the better in it’s physical formats. Sonically it’s the best music Kurokuma has written to date. 

You can stream and purchase "Dope Rider" digitally, on cd and tape below:-

News on the vinyl release will be released via Kurokuma's Facebook page here -

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