Thursday 27 September 2018

Necroslurg - Kuolonkierre

Labels: Ramekuukkeli-Levyt
Formats: Tape/Digital
Release Date: 01 Jun 2018


1. Vakaa Tila
2. Vieraat Aanet
3. Kuolonkierre
4. Musta
5, Tuho, Ei Tuomio
6. Ajojahti
7. Kauhun Pyorteissa
8. Ekranoplan
9. Metsanpeittoon
10. Hyvaksy Kohtalosi

I felt it was time to re-visit the wonderful tones of Finnish heavy music again and found this nestling in my review pile. It's been a little while since Tuukka (Ramekuukkeli-Levyt) sent me this tape, so apologies to go out to him for the delay in posting this write-up. Necroslurg is a "heavy punk metal" trio from Helsinki and "Kuolonkierre" is their second album.They've been plying their trade for about two years now and releases their first album "Haudantaka" just over twelve months before this one. They recently played Svart Festival in the Finnish capital alongside the might Foreseen.

Necroslurg’s music is delivered with true Scandinavian ferocity and the vocals are entirely in their mother-tongue. Vakaa Tila is an angry opener that flows between up-tempo punk and groove-laden rock.It’s all about the riffs on Kuolonkierre, as Vieraat Aanet proves. They are at home alongside the frenzied screams that’s for sure, while the drums keep a restrained yer accurate beat behind. The other cool thing about Necroslurg’s sound and approach is that they play fast and leave no room for pondering. Kuolonkierre is filled to the brim with punk attitude, though it also does a good line is stoner doom fury too. So far this trio is living up to Finland’s reputation for producing great experimental bands.

They’re band to their raucous best on Musta, which shoots from the hip with it’s noise rock blueprint and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it running time. Thankfully, they slow things down on the sludgy Tuho, Ei Tuomio, which proves again that they can switch the mood effortlessly. Channelling the cold darkness that envelopes the country during Winter, they produce probably the heaviest song on the album. The shoutiness continues unabated on Ajojahti, which feature plenty of awesome musicianship as well. The volume levels that this trio reach are pretty incredible. The latter half of the album retains the same level of variation as the first and Kauhun Pyorteissa is a stomping noise rock song with more crisp lead work.

Not sticking to one formula or blueprint gives them an edge and Ekranoplan is subtly stripped down and minimalist to begin with, though it’s still layered with the kind of riffs and percussive atmosphere that makes you think of Black Sabbath and the like. The loud pedal is pressed to the floor again during penultimate song Metsanpeittoon, as Necroslurg force you to pump your fist and bang you head in joyous unison. Album closer Hyvaksy Kohtalosi is gives you one last opportunity to raise glass to this Finnish powerhouse in the making. Necroslurg are great and this album is well worth checking out and getting on tape.

If you can stomach the ads n between songs, you can stream "Kuolonkierre" in full via Necroslurg's Soundcloud page below:-

Tapes can be purchased here -

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