Tuesday 1 May 2018

Baron Soil - Demo Tape

Labels: Negate Everything
Formats: Tape/Digital
Release Date: 21 Feb 2018


1. Bread, Roses And Shit
2. It Passes On
3. The Septic Isle
4. Collaborator

These last few days have knocked me for six and sapped my motivation, but I'm feeling more human again and trying to be more productive. That means getting back to reviewing and to be more precise, reviewing a band that I've not been able to find any information about (so if anybody has any, please let me know and I'll update this piece). Anyway, Baron Soil released their first demo tape in February via UK DIY label Negate Everything. It’s limited to just 17 hand-numbered copies, so if you like what you hear below, get one fast.

What starts as a gentle acoustic piece morphs into a loud and raw punk song on EP opener Bread, Roses And Shit. I do it a disservice, as its urgency and anger heads more towards hardcore. It Passes On is all over the place with both hardcore and deep-growled vocals that are akin to death metal. Add extra melody into the mix and you’ve got yourself a winner!

The Septic Isle is as hate-filled as you’d expect, with its mix of both dirge-laden death and pv-esque hardcore rages on for nearly two-minutes. As good as my attempts are at describing the sound that Baron Soil produces, I don’t think I can adequately do it justice. EP closer Collaborator kicks off with a jarring chorus of feedback before the band launches into one final blast of snotty and belligerent noise. 

If you like punk and hardcore that’s both loud and hate-filled then you’re certainly in the right place. This is real and Baron Soil certainly make their mark.

Stream Baron Soil's demo and purchase it digitally and/or on tape below:-

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