Monday 7 May 2018

Atomicide - Furious And Untamed 7"

Labels: Iron Bonehead Productions
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 22 June 2018


1. Intro/Furious And Untamed
2. Flagellant Rust/Outro

The relentless pace of the Iron Bonehead Productions release machine keeps on going. I've roughly counted about twenty-or-so new releases that are already out (or are due out) via them already this year. This new 7" from Chilean black/death/thrash band Atomicide is due for release towards the end of June. Atomicide's journey amongst the underground depths began in 2003 and since then they've released two-full lengths, as well as countless EPs and demos. The trio of Atomizer (vocals, bass), A. Prophaner (drums) and Deathbringer (guitar) have current and past links to the likes of Hades, Death Skull and Unausspreclichen Kulten, to name but a few.

Side A of this 7” features both the Intro and the title-track. The Intro is typically gruesome and flows well into the fast flowing death/thrash of Furious And Untamed. Brimming with razor-sharp lead work, fast drumming and rumbling bass all matches by the equally low vocals. South American bands have always had a style all of their own when it comes to death metal and it’s no different here. The benchmark for me will always be Pentagram (Chile) but Atomicide does a great job of making the sub-genre their own here.

The B-side continues in neck-snapping style with Flagellant Rust, which serves as a battering ram. Even dirtier than the previous side yet there’s loads of groove buried within the music too. Another screeching solo reminds you of their old-school affiliation and breaks up the ground and pound. The Outro closes the EP in the same way it started. Atomicide certainly makes great use of the 7” format here by cramming over 11 minutes of music onto it. This is just really solid and hellish death/thrash that’s written and performed without pretence. The heady days of Sarcofago and early-Sepultura that put South American extreme metal on the map are being brought back to life by the current wave of bands like Atomicide and they may even surpass them.

Iron Bonehead has uploaded a stream of Side A to their Soundcloud page. Check it out below:-

Keep an eye on Iron Bonehead's website and on their social media page for information regarding the release:-

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