Friday 6 April 2018

Frequencies Deleted #3 - Monochrome Nausea - Monochrome Nausea

Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital
Release Date: 12 Oct 2017

1. Someone Bent My Yucca
2. Disco Acrylics
3. Oh The Olsen Twins, They Play Power Violins
4. Don't Be Afraid To Bring Your Gazpacho To A Potluck
5. Pastels in a Passe Chevrolet
6. Pissing On Woods

When it comes to the noisy side of extreme music in Scandinavia, I always think of Sweden. Their feedback drenched crusty-hardcore was something that was exciting because it was so raw and in your face. When putting on Monochrome Nausea's S/T release, I was surprised to see they were from Oslo, Norway. They had that raw and in your face vibe. The guitar feedback which creates an anarchic environment and backed up with some killer tornado-like drumming.

Someone Bent My Yucca starts off like an air-raid, giving us a chance to take cover. We hear the bombs falling out of the sky. And once it hits the ground, a sonic blast of carnage starts laying waste. Oh The Olsen Twins, They Play Power Violins is a pretty sick down-tempo/sludgy track. For some reason I get the vibe of getting run over by a steam truck on a road made out of rubber. Don't Be Afraid To Bring Your Gazpacho To A Potluck is probably the most intense track on this album. Imagine a battle bot going ape shit at Burning Man. That's how much angst this track has. And to close the album, Pissing On Woods sludgy/noise is bliss. The guitar sound’s like its a knife fucking you in the ear very smoothly. And then starts getting very rough in the end, leaving a very sexy mess.

When bands have that freedom to be creative and not follow any standards, you tend to get something fresh. Or in most cases, something that's really out there. And it's the reason why I appreciate bands like Monochrome Nausea. It's the true definition of being nihilistic. There was definitely no FUCKS given while listening Monochrome Nausea. At times, the songs invoke a feeling of misanthropy and in others, it feels like good ol' anarchic fun. Monochrome Nausea are an awesome addition to the "noisecore" sound. I can only imagine them brewing something more monolithic in the near future.

You can stream and download "Monochrome Nausea" below:-

Monochrome Nausea -

Thanks one again go to Mikey for writing this review. He's going to be contributing more metal reviews in near future, as well as some live reviews so keep an eye out for those.

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