Wednesday 11 April 2018

Malformity - The Rapturous Unraveling 7"

Labels: Boris Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 13 Jan 2018


1. Rapturous Damnation
2. Unraveling

I've been watching a few Youtube videos by a black/death metal fan who goes by the name of "Scourge Of Vinyl" recently and because of him, I've been rediscovering a lot of killer bands and also felt eager to discover those that are new to me. Atlanta, Georgia's Malformity is one such band. They formed in the early 90s, releasing a demo called "Black Holes To Heaven" before calling it a day in 1995. Two decades later they returned and released an EP called "Lectures On The Apocalypse", which coincidentally was the name of a band that featured founding Guitarist/Vocalist Dan Ratanasit. "The Rapturous Unraveling", their latest release, came out in January on Boris Records. To celebrate this new 7", they played a January Boris Records showcase in Atlanta and they're due to play alongside both Cannabis Corpse and Brutality soon as well.

Malformity plays a brutal but old-school form of death metal. Opener song Rapturous Damnation is filled with furious blasts, technical but headbang-able riffs and guttural vocals. Members of Malformity have previously spent time in bands such as General Surgery and Regurgitate, so they know their way around death metal pretty damn well and it shows. The twin-guitar melodies and brooding atmosphere in the latter half of Rapturous Damnation is good enough to break up the brutality while also adding an extra spectacle to the music.

They weave hints of Swe-death into the intro of Unraveling, which is mixed in with extreme USDM to great effect. There’s personality in the music, which can be lacking in certain areas of the death metal genre nowadays. The underlying melody and Malformity’s ability to fit a lot into a relatively short space of time are skills that set them apart. All in all this is damn solid death metal played properly. The US is filled with so many bands vying for the same listeners but it’s bands like Malformity that really deserve the attention.

You can stream "The Rapturous Unraveling" via Malformity's bandcamp below, where you can also purchase it digitally and on 7" vinyl:-

You can also buy the 7" from Boris Records here -

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