Wednesday 6 December 2017

Counterpoint - If Not Now, When? EP


1. Leave It All Behind
2. Honestly
3. Between You And Me
4. DownDownDown
5. One Sided Conversations

I'm starting a little earlier than planned with this, but I promised you I'd start putting up some early reviews of 2018 releases so here we are. This is the new EP from Manchester's Counterpoint, who cite the likes of While She Sleeps, Letlive and Papa Roach as bands they admire, contributing to their own take on alt-rock. To prove they're not lying about loving a bit of nu-metal, they recently supported Crazytown on their Manchester date. This is the band's second EP, following their debut "Borrow Your Past, Steal Your Future". "If Not Now, When" is due to be self-released officially on 9th February.

Counterpoint is paving the way for what modern UK melodic hardcore/alt-rock will sound like in 2018. Leave It All Behind is a signal of their intent with driving guitars, big percussion and harsh/clean vocals that sit high in the mix. Lead single Honestly plays on their influences but thankfully eschews the nu-metal trappings. It’s melodic and catchy, without being cheesy and with plenty of sing-along moments. It’s a grower that will keep on burying itself in your head with that chorus! 

They swing back in a hardcore direction on Between You And Me, as the verse is raucous. Once again the chorus dispels any notions of the band exploding into a heavier sound altogether, as their intelligent song-writing takes over. DownDownDown is for those of you who still with Papa Roach were touring “The Paramour Sessions”. Behind the vocals there’s instrumentation that’s both energetic and sensitive. There’s a nod to modern pop-punk in there as well, though it’s minimal. 

Closing song One Sided Conversations epitomises what Counterpoint is aiming for in 2018. Their music will catch the ears of many modern rock/punk/metal fans and will no doubt see them gain more recognition and help them become an established band within the UK’s bulging alternative music scene.

You can stream the single Honestly via Youtube below:-

Keep an eye on Counterpoint's bandcamp and Facebook pages below for more news regarding the CD/Digital releases as they're published:-

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