Thursday 21 December 2017

2017 End-Of-The-Year List - Noise by Mikey Ortega (Diclonious)

Here's another end-of-year list and this one's has been sent in long-time reader/supporter and noise/drone/doom aficionado Mikey Ortega, from Californian funeral-doom/post-black metal band Diclonuis. Mikey's submitted a list of his ten favourite noise releases of 2017. It forms a precursor to his involvement with This Noise Is Ours in 2018, where he'll be providing some guest noise reviews. I hope you enjoy his list.

10.  See Through Buildings - Into Oblivion We March

When ever I put on See Through Buildings, there's always that feeling like I'm being crushed.  A sense of claustrophobia kicks in. “With Into Oblivion We March”, Ben Rehling brings a more apocalyptic vibe to his sound. Prepare to see the sky falling.

9. Ruiner - Cigarette Skin

Logan Threedouble is one the of young artists to keep an eye out, and on “Cigarette Skin”, Logan shows lots of promise. Of course now he's moved on to Hellfarm and Hermit of Elsinore, but Ruiner has left it's mark in the noise scene.

8. Bonemagic - Sinew City

A killer release by Big Pharma, a little DIY label from the Midwest. Bonemagic is a great combination of Industrial, Noise, and Black Metal. Imagine an old dark factory (similar to the one in Earaserhead) just standing alone in Hell. That's the vision I have when listening to “Sinew City”.

7. Hate Audition - Liberty Fetish

Oh, how much I love the sound of feedback and Hate Audition does an excellent job with “Liberty Fetish”. So angry and ear piercing, you just want to smash your head with a hammer. Another great release by Big Pharma.

6. Christian Lovers - A Bedroom In Peacetime

If you've ever seen Christian Lovers live, then you know how intense they can get. So in “A Bedroom In Peacetime”, it shouldn't be a surprise to hear that energy in a recording studio. The chants and other samples makes this release quite the experience.

5. Ritual Chair - Post-Stacy

Ritual Chair is another artist that has left their mark in the noise scene in 2017. The sorority theme that Hailey brings is definitely unmarked territory. “Post-Stacy” takes us into sorority culture and brings out an unsettling side of it. It is very raw and in your face.  So prepare for something bleak and awesome.

4. Ragk - Richard Spencer

By now we should know that Richard Spencer is a massive cunt. And seeing him catch a haymaker early this year is a top moment of 2017. Ragk made a noise album on Richard Spencer and his twatty bullshit. The whole album sounds like a fist breaking his fuck'n face. Which is the more reason to love this release.

3. Hexpressionist - Sketches

One of the reasons I gear toward the more dark ambient side, is because of that nightmarish atmosphere it creates in my head. When listening to “Sketches”, it feels like an outer body experience into the abyss. There's nothing much more I can say about Hexpressionist.  Everything about this project is the reason why I continue to support this scene.

2. Phantasm Nocturnes - Sins of the Flesh

“Sins of the Flesh” is a journey into torment and punishment. Every second, it feels like pieces of your flesh is being torn off.  This kind of misery is what Phantasm Nocturnes do so well. The pain is so addictive, that you can't help but go for another. No mercy is shown. Know what you're in for when listening to Phantasm Nocturnes.

1. Lingua Ignota - All Bitches Die

The thought of being tied up in someones trunk is what I think when listening to “All Bitches Die” by Lingua Ignota. On one side, you're trying to figure out how to get out. On the other, it feels hopeless and you just want it to end already. If you enjoy the dark and beauty that Jarboe brings, then this album is up your alley.

Thanks to Mikey for submitting this list and If you've found something here that you've not heard before and you dig it, that's even better. Keep you eyes peeled in the new year for Mikey's noise reviews. 

You can listen to Diclonius here and follow the band's actions on social media here

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