Monday 29 May 2017

Xibalba - Diablo, Con Amor... Adios 7"


1. Diablo
2. Con Amor
3. Adios

I'm carrying my current heavy hardcore mood on into the bank holiday and checking out the latest 7" from Californian hardcore/death metal mob Xibalba. It was released in February via Closed Casket Activities and 2017 marks the 10th anniversary for the band. The 7" was pressed onto four different colour-ways (electric blue w/olive & blue splatter, orange w/bronze splatter, standalone electric blue & blood red) and the artwork was provided by none other than Dan Seagrave. 

Xibalba has developed into one of the USA’s most revered modern day hardcore acts and it’s easy to why on here. Opener Diablo is full of heavy mid-paced hardcore riffs and gloomy death metal atmosphere. The breakdowns are crazy and the vocals are full of menace. Con Amor takes things in a different direction, with thrash and kick-drums aplenty. Xibalba manages to make hardcore sound truly scary again. Their full heaviness isn’t truly unleashed until closing song Adios. The intro riffs are mighty and the instrumentation is delivered with spin kicking accuracy. They don’t deal so much in melody and prefer to bludgeon you with mosh throughout the song’s five+ minutes. Xibalba are still undisputed heavyweights of hardcore.

Stream, download and purchase Diablo, Con Amor... Adios below:-

Xibalba -
Closed Casket Activities -

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