Sunday 7 May 2017

Ill Neglect/Lambs - Trisma Split 7"


1. Ill Neglect - Cold Turkey
2. Ill Neglect - Permanent Euphoria
3. Lambs - You, The Drawback
4. Lambs - Unfeeling

This split 7" between Germany's Ill Neglect and Italians Lambs was released in January via a whole host of labels. As you can tell my the striking cover are, it's dark. Both bands have been slowly releasing their own brands of fast and progressive heaviness over the last couple of years and have come together here to mount a joint attack on our ears and our senses. Ill Neglect began in 2012 and has a demo and a 7" prior to this. Lambs formed a year later and released their debut record on cd/vinyl last year.

Side one of “Trisma” belongs to German band Ill Neglect. Their first song Cold Turkey is a heavy grinding number full of double bass and furious shrieks. The guitars kind of get swallowed up in the mix but when they’re allowed space on their own, they sound meaty. Permanent Euphoria is equally as chaotic with a more atonal guitar sound this time. The mix of high-pitched screams and lower growls adds an element of death metal to their sound as well, as do the changing tempos. Italian band Lambs take up side two and are equally as heavy, but with a more hardcore edge on You, The Drawback. The growls are delivered in a unique way and their music is more off-kilter, demonstrating a nod to Italy’s progressive nature in metal. Unfeeling follows in the same vein with some great guitar work and flowing, warping tempos. The mid-section contains some great chunky guitar riffs, leading to a second-half that’s very atmospheric. “Trisma” is a quick-fire split featuring two heavy and awesome bands. This is well worth picking up.

You can stream and download "Trisma" below:-

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You can download it and buy the 7" directly from the bands above and from the participating labels below:-

Wooaaargh Records -
Drown Within Records -
5FeetUnder Records -
Abekeit Records -
Aktiver Aufstand In Plastik -
Hackebeil Records -

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