Monday 27 October 2014

Putrid Yell/Eaten Alive - Vicious Manifestation Of Horror And Death Split 7"

Today's been a testing day. Monday sucks I know, but this particular one sucked more. Thank god then for nasty death metal. Chilean death metal to exact, in the form of Putrid Yell and Eaten Alive. I the UK especially, underground South American metal is not represented all that often, unless you count Mystifier's recent jaunt to these shores. Iron Bonehead released this split 7" in the early part of this year. With the exception of entries on Metal Archives, I knew very little about either of these bands. This is a perfect excuse to get to know them a bit better.


1. Putrid Yell - Wrenching Putrid Yell
2. Eaten Alive - Mangled In The Morgue

Putrid Yell begin their side with a haunting sample that feels pretty unnerving. Once their death metal kicks in, it’s raw and noisy. The vocals are low and gargled, sitting on top of blackened-thrash filled death. The screaming solo mid-way through conjures images of bullet-belts and blood! Wrenching Putrid Yell is as underground and as true as you’d expect. 

Eaten Alive offer up a song of similar length, but with the added bonus of twin-guitars. They too are mid-paced and feature an old-school sound, paying homage to the originators in both South America and indeed Sweden. Mangled In The Morgue occasionally breaks into a classic rock n roll rhythm that accompanies the their thrash-laden sound, adding their own melodic yet atmospheric solo to round out the split.

Die-hard death metal fans will lap this up, especially due to it’s old-school delivery. In spite of the relative obscurity of both Putrid Yell and Eaten Alive, being brought to more people’s ears by Iron Bonehead will do them no harm at all. 

You won't find this split streaming on the Iron Bonehead bandcamp page, but both bands are streaming the songs (though Putrid Yell only provide a sample of theirs) via their own pages below:-

You can still buy copies of the split (limited to 500) from Iron Bonehead Productions here -

Putrid Yell are not on social media.
Eaten Alive Facebook -
Iron Bonehead Productions Facebook -

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