Thursday 10 April 2014

Wits End/Human Hands - Split 7"

I've decided that after every review I write, I'm also going to write a 7" review. I feel there's so many that I've been missing out on. Take this one for instance, the 2013 split between Norwegian emo band Wits End and Birmingham's own Human Hands. It featured two tracks and was a collaborative release between Eat A Book Records, strictly no capital letters, Adagio 830, Time As A Colour and Lila Himmel (RIP).


1. Wits End - Seeing Through
2. Human Hands - Matchsticks

Seeing Through by Wits End is spacious and melodic. It feels like they’re playing on a cliff overlooking  a huge lake or on top of a mountain, such is the grandeur of their indie-infused screamo. The guitars lay a light melodic scent for the vocals to follow, while the drums are played with thought and care, so as not to overpower the rest of the music. 

Human Hands are a similar prospect with Matchsticks, but they lean more toward the sad end of the spectrum. The clean guitar that helps the song build and the vocals that sit behind them in the mix, present their own uniqueness.  It’s dreamy and provides a calming opposite to Wits End and their more frantic screamo. 

Here’s two bands that I haven’t explored enough yet, but will definitely been doing. 

Stream it here - 

The split is sold out from the labels that helped to release it, but I've posted links to their stores anyway -

East A Book Records -
strictly no capital letters -
ADAGIO 830 -
Time As A Colour Records -

Wits End Facebook -
Human Hands Facebook -
Eat A Book Records Facebook -
strictly no capital letters Facebook -
ADAGIO 830 Facebook -
Time As A Colour Facebook -

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