Monday 21 April 2014

Bands I've Come Across On The Internet Pt:1

Recently (this morning), I was browsing the latest editions on Metal Archives and was thinking about which bands I'd work with if I ran a label. This isn't a new thing, as not only do I constantly like to discover new bands but also wish I had the money (replace that with courage) to start my own label and help bands get their music out there.

This blog post, which I hope will become a permanent thing, aims to shed light on bands that I've found on the Internet that I think are really cool and should be heard.

Before I go any further, I'd also like to apologise for the lack of Umlauts below. Blogger doesn't seem to allow me to add them into the band names where appropriate.

1. DRoN

This band epitomises what I was talking about above. They're a stoner/metal duo from Aarhus, Denmark. They have so far released a two-song demo in 2011 and then they followed it up with a 7" called Judas in late. 2013. They didn't hang around and wait for someone to release their music, they decided to take full control of the EP release, including the record pressing and the expense that comes with it.

They've released the EP on their bandcamp page where it's available for streaming, as a free download. You can also pick up the 7" to help the band out.

DRoN Facebook -

2. Hellraisers

The next band I came across was Spanish blackened-speed metal band Hellraisers.  These guys are pretty new, having only just released their first tape demo "Rot In Pain" in the last 24 hours!. They're influenced by old-school bands like Motorhead and Hellhammer and their tape even features a Damnation cover song. Witch Ripper, Hellstorm and Sadistic Vomitor (ace names) are doing it right and their crush-all-posers mentality proves that they're serious about what they do.

Their demo is streaming on their bandcamp page, where it's also up for free download:-

You can also purchase a tape directly from the band by dropping them an e-mail.

Hellraisers Facebook -

3. Pest Hole

Pest Hole are a Thrash/Crust band from Brandenburg, Germany. They formed it 2013 and have recently released an five-track LP called Perdition through German label Angry Voice Records, which was mixed by Jocke from Wolfbrigade!

You can stream five songs from the LP via their bandcamp page:-

The LP can be purchased from Angry Voice Records here -

Pest Hole Facebook -
Angry Voice Records Facebook -

4. Old Graves

I couldn't write a list without adding a black metal band to it. Old Graves is a solo-project from British Columbia, Canada. Old Graves debut EP Like Straining Boughs was only released on the 15th of April and is absolutely stellar. Mainly instrumental, but with distant vocals that sit deep within the mix. It's really good stuff.

You can stream it below and it's also available as a name-your-price download:-

Old Graves Facebook -

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