Sunday 2 February 2014

Suffering Mind/Water Torture - Split Flexi 7"

Suffering Mind's quest to release music on every conceivable vinyl format/size just keeps on going. In the middle of last year, they released a 7" flexi with US PV band Water Torture, via Mannequin Rein Recordings. The split itself was pressed on both black and white flex discs and contains a mere two songs, one from each band obviously. You know what you're getting if you're familiar with either band. Fast, blink-and-you'll-miss-it grind with killer riffs.

The need for both bands to keep things DIY is obvious too, electing to remain in charge of their own destiny instead of becoming major label commodities in recent months. With each new morsel of destructive grind, their music gets better and their reputations spread. This is the perfect Euro and US collaboration.


1. Przerwany Kregoslup (Suffering Mind)
2. Dead Fields (Water Torture)

Suffering Mind open up this flexi with a one-and-a-half-minute blast called Przerwany Kregoslup. The feedback that rings at start is deafening, but it’s nothing compared to the raging grind that follows. It’s stop/start at times and the slower, sludge inspired riffs are thick and engaging towards the end. It all ends suddenly, but this short song has plenty of impact.

Water Torture’s half is equally as squalid and heavy, though they begin with sloth-like riffs that put forward a claustrophobic atmosphere. Dead Fields of the slowest pieces i’ve heard from the band and airs more towards sludge-filled hardcore that it does power-violence. It’s a very welcome opposite to Suffering Mind’s contribution and compliments it well. 

Despite it’s short length, this flexi demonstrates two bands occupying the same sub-genre, but who aren’t afraid to be different. The two styles at play here are infectious and this flexi carries on the buzz around SM and WT. More please!

After a bit of searching, I managed to find the Mannequin Rein bandcamp page with a stream of the flexi on it. Check it out here:-

It's available as a name-your-price download from the above bandcamp page.

You can the physical split from Mannequin Rein Recordings here

Suffering Mind Facebook -
Water Torture Facebook -
Mannequin Rein Recordings Facebook -

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