Friday 21 February 2014

Heksed/Deathseekers - Split 7"

2014 promises great things. This is one of them, the first Church of Fuck release of 2014. A split between Norway's favourite sons of Holy Terror, Heksed and their Belgian counterparts Deathseekers. This 7" is a collaborative release with Swarm of Nails and Sell Your Soul Records. The pressing consists 300 7"s on red and black vinyl/cover combinations, including 20 special band only copies that have red vinyl and black covers. The red copies have already sold out! Just looking at the cover art proves it's going to be a special release to start off the year.


1. Human Filler (Heksed)
2. Nine Year Collapse (Heksed)
3. Carnage (Deathseekers)
4. Final Judgement (Deathseekers)

Heksed seem to have gone all thrash! Okay so, the opening bars of Human Filler may have hints of thrash within them, but it’s not long before Heksed remind you why their metallic blackened hardcore rules. It’s a quick-fire shot in the arm to open this split with a squealing solo for good measure! The sound is more familiar on Nine Year Collapse , as Heksed take things down to a more menacing level in both atmospherics and tuning. The catchy riffs and the awesome rhythm section prove why these guys are a cut above and the introspective mid-section that wallows in feedback, provides a hellish backdrop that ends their side on damn good form.

Deathseekers inject their side with more death n grind. Carnage is just that, with rabid cymbals smashes and uber blastbeats. The black metal vocals and chunky riffs will keep you guessing as to their staple sound, but one things for sure, you’ll be head banging anyway. There’s no time to rest, as Final Judgement picks up the reigns almost instantly. Like Heksed’s Human Filler, it bookends this split and ends it in a chaotic flurry of treble, feedback and drum fills. This is a statement of intent from two bands that you’ll be seeing a lot more of this year.

As the physical vinyl isn't out yet (it's currently available for pre-order), you can stream the split over at here -

To make sure you get your copy, head to one of these links:-

Church of Fuck -
Swarm of Nails -
Sell Your Soul -

Heksed Facebook -
Deathseekers Facebook -
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