Thursday 21 November 2013

Full Of Hell - Music From The Dial Tape

Full Of Hell is one of those band names that seems to slip off people's tongues pretty regularly at the moment. Their abrasive, loud brand of hardcore has been gaining fans a plaudits for a while now, as have their live shows. Well, Califonian label Not Punk Records decided to combine both those elements and put it on tape. Music From The Dial is a four-track live session, taken straight from the soundboard of a creative venue called The Dial. The Dial brings together like-minded individuals and creates a community that promotes art and expression.


1. Intro/Vessel Deserted
2. Coven of The Larynx
3. Return To The Mines
4. Fox Womb

Live recordings may not capture the energy of being at a show, but they still possess a level of energy that transcends normal recorded mediums. If anyone’s ever seen footage of or been to a Full of Hell house show, will know what I’m getting at there. Starting with the feedback-laden intro which over a minute and a half and nearly deafens you, Full of Hell launch into Vessel Deserted, which is a mix of bass-heavy grind and sludge-ridden hardcore. It seems like Full of Hell’s sound is stripped down somewhat, but it still sounds hellish.

There’s no pensive sludge moments on show during Coven Of The Larynx. It’s just one long blastathon with disconcerting black metal-like shrieks and hardcore grooves. FoH like to build up atmosphere with the intros to their songs and nowhere else is this more apparent, than with the slow build of Return To The Mines. Just when you think it’s going nowhere, FoH jump into live and knock the living shit out of you. You won’t get cohesive, audible vocals but you will get genuine passion and aggression, used in the right way.

Fox Womb features the craziest guitar noise at the start, that just gets louder and seems to fused with electronics. it shows another side to Full of Hell’s confrontational, in your face character. The claustrophobic sludge is back too. It makes this song my standout track, purely for it’s outright heaviness.

Listen to the live session here via Not Punk Records' bandamp page:-

Music From The Dial is available as a pay-what-you-want download. You can buy the tape version from the merch link on their bandcamp page.

Full Of Hell Facebook -
Not Punk Records Bandcamp -

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