Monday 4 November 2013

Coffinworm - Great Bringer of The Night

It's time for some more sludge and death inspired doom in the form of Indiana's Coffinworm. In 2012 The Flenser Records reissued Coffinworm's initial three track demo Great Bringer of The Night, with an extra two tracks added by the band. With the demo being originally released in 2009, which let to them joining forces with the mighty Profound Lore Records, Coffinworm quickly followed with a full-lenght in 2010.  They were really productive in 2012 with this reissue closely followed by a split with Fistula, which formed part of the awesome Hell Comes Home split 7" series. Plus, they've been in more bands than you could shake a stick at over the years.


1. High on the Reek of Your Burning Remains
2. Strip Nude For Your Killer
3. Start Saving For Your Funeral
4. The Inner Caligula
5. Spitting In Infinity's Asshole

Disconcerting feedback is always the best way to start a doom record and Coffinworm do it with aplomb! Of course, what comes next is even better, The riffs are full of treble, but sound really cool. The bass rumbles away in the background yet comes to fore to beef up their sound during the more earth trembling guitar parts. the drums are dominated by crashing cymbals, while the vocals are not all deep bellows, with some mid-range growls giving them a death metal edge. All that and i’m still listening to the EP’s opener High On The Reek of Your Burning Remains

There’s a surprising amount of rock swagger about Coffinworm at times, which isn’t something you associate with doom bands very often. It’s less obvious though during Strip Nude For Your Killer, which takes their gloomy down-tuned atmosphere to a deeper plain. It’s a lot more pensive than the opener.  For a band steeped in darkness and despair, they do sound fairly upbeat. Start Saving For Your Funeral has an Entombed death-n-roll shtick. A faster tempo guided by the drums, which the rest of band obliges to follow.  Start Saving For Your Funeral din’t feature on the original pressing of Great Bringer… and shows more urgency in Coffinworm’s writing. 

The Inner Caligula hits the spot in terms of sheer ferocity. The vocals favour the more direct, high-pitched scream to the deep bellow, which fits in really well with the music. The variation is good as well, which is another element missing from many slower doom records. The breadth of riffs and tempo changes make it an enthralling listen, as do sudden but brief lapses into proto or trad metal. Finishing it all up with a song which probably epitomises Coffinworm which goes by the name of Spitting In Infinity’s Asshole, they end how they started, with filthy feedback-laden slowness. The single riff at the start is mighty and when they hit full stride with the same riff still playing in the background, you’re just levelled.

Jam the whole EP here:-

You can buy Great Bringer of The Night on vinyl directly from The Flenser here - Act fast as they are running low!

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