Wednesday 8 August 2012

Campus - Empathy EP

Campus are a hardcore/screamo five-piece from Belgium, who are currently signed to Small Town Records. Their latest EP - Empathy, was released earlier this year and by the time your read, Campus will have played at Hevy Fest.


1. Empathy
2. Lone Wolf
3. Downtime
4. Young Bastard

Immediately, the title track has a very modern feel to it, in the production and the sound. The riffs are syncopated in parts, but when the brand break into melody and gruff singing, they sound really impressive. The vocals of Martijn Leenaers are angry and full of emotion, while the band behind him back him up really well. From listening to them, you can understand why Small Town Records picked them up, as they contain the originality and the aggression that is making today’s modern hardcore scene what it is.

Lone Wolf features a wicked low-end at the start and some bleak screams. They feature some great off-kilter riffs within their music, which kind of throws you off the standard hardcore scent and into something far tastier. Sometimes the riffs remind me off Threat Signal, as do the melodic vocals, but as I like that band I'm happy about it. These guys would have gone down a treat at Hevy, as they create a wall of noise, which is headbang-able and pit inducing. High energy is called for and delivered in spades.

Downtime slows the pace down slightly, with more off-kilter riffs and a slower tempo. There are some great dual-harmonised leads during the song and the breakdown inspired verse midway through is pretty brutal. The fact that Campus doesn't lose their identity or give in to Americanisms makes them a great prospect, which is likely to draw in plenty of British fans, if it hasn’t already.

Young Bastard has a thrashier intro initially and being the EPs closer, sees Campus ending on a high. The solitary screams of "Young Bastard" are spine tingling and as the music fades out, you're left with a pounding head and heart. Campus are a great find, especially if you haven’t come across them before. Their mixture of ferocity and melody leaves you wanting more.

To find out more about Campus, head over to their blog at and head over to Small Town Records at to pick up \a copy of the EP.

Campus are also on Facebook at

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