Saturday 29 October 2011

Introducing - Norte Cartel

Those of you who follow the hardcore scene globally, will know that Brazil and South America in general has been home to a very healthy amount of bands, intent on being brutal while staying positive. From the established acts like Ratos de Porao, the scene has grown to challenge those of Europe and the USA. One such act that is currently shaping the Brazilian Scene is Norte Cartel.

Norte Cartel is made up of Felipe Chehuan on vocals, Daniel Portugal on guitar, Longo on bass and Dudu Manel on drums.

Bassist Longo was cool enough to answer some questions for me earlier in the week and tell me a bit more about the Brazilian scene and bands to look out for.

Please tell us about Norte Cartel and what made you form the band?

Norte Cartel is a hardcore band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. By 2006, when we formed the band, HC was getting to much "emotional", so we thought it would be a good idea to keep the old school torch burning in a respectable way, like it was done back in the 90's when we all got into the whole hardcore thing.

I am not very familiar with Brazilian Hardcore. Tell me about your scene?

South American hardcore is rapidly emerging as one of the most passionate and intense demonstrations of heavy music worldwide. And Brazil is definitely no exception to that. New bands, new venues and more and more people are getting involved with it not only in big cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but specially in the countryside. The Brazilian scene is growing wider everyday!

What bands have influenced Norte Cartel?

Lots of old school Brazilian bands such as Ratos de Porão, Sociedade Armada, DFC and NYHC acts such as Breakdown, Agnostic Front, SOIA, Madball, Warzone and many others.

Do you plan to release any new records?

Yeah. We are working on our second full length right now, writing lots of new stuff.

What has been you proudest moment so far?

There are many memorable moments, but the release of our first full length Fiel À Tradição (Loyal To Tradition) was definitely a remarkable one.

How do crowds at live shows react to your music?

Moshing hard until they are all soaked in sweat. Kids are intense here! It is incredibly gratifying that so many people are identifying with our songs. And seeing more and more new faces at each gig we play is just awesome! It is the best incentive to keep us going on.

What bands are you listening to at the moment?

Old school punk and hip hop such as Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Rancid and Delinquent Habits.

Which other Brazilian metal bands should we listen to?

Confronto is a great metal group from Brazil and Fatal Blow is an awesome hardcore band.


I've posted a live video of Norte Cartel playing the track - Dor Por Dor live, as I think it shows the dedication and respect that is shown to bands in this emerging scene.

You can also follow Norte Cartel on Facebook at, on Myspace at and of course you can listen to their songs and watch videos on their Youtube channel at

This is Norte Cartel's first full length record. It can be bought directly from the band by e-mailing the at or you can also by it from Brazilian labels Caustic Recordings at and Seven Eight Life Recordings at

So, why don't you go and check out Norte Cartel and the bands they rep They deserve your support!

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