Saturday 15 October 2011

The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks

The Ergon Carousel are a ferocious grind band, formed out of British grind institution Narcosis and Northern nutters Beecher, amongst others. After releasing a 6 track EP via might British label Holy Roar, they released their debut album, Dead Banks in June. Now, I've been a little behind with this one, so it was about time I reviewed it.

Dead Banks has been billed by themselves and Holy Roar as one of the fastest albums released, with 17 tracks flying by in just over 19 minutes, and they weren't lying. It's one of the fastest, most brutal grind albums I've heard in ages. From the frenetic screaming, to the jarring guitars and the might of the rhythm section, The Ergon Carousel absolutely own. However, amongst the chaos there is variation and subtlety, and each members shows great ability by introducing different elements to the music, like the slow, building intro of sixth track Flightless and Fearless and the conventional, hardcore-style structures of some of the later songs. With most tracks being under two minutes long, it's a bruising listen, but with multiple listens, you can pick up a lot. These guys really prove they are a different species from other bands in the scene, exploding into life with drumming that would only otherwise be possible with the help of a drum machine, and screaming vocals that would make most other vocalists lose their voices. The fact that they are from old Blighty makes it even better for us fans!

Here's a sneak peak of what's on offer on Dead Banks via The Ergon Carousel's Bandcamp page:-

If you want to visit the Bandcamp page, go to where you can also listen to music from their EP and their split with Throats.

I'd recommend you go and check out The Ergon Carousel and Dead Banks, by visiting Facebook at, Tumblr at and their own blog at

Also, make sure you visit their label Holy Roar at, as they've got Dead Banks on sale in various forms, including an awesome vinyl package, for those of you with records players!

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