Sunday 28 August 2011

Edinburgh Scene - Horrors That You've Seen

A while ago I decided to do a scene report on Edinburgh, much like the one I did on the North Brabant scene in the Netherlands. Like that report, I found that there were loads of great bands in Edinburgh, so instead of doing one report on all of them, I've decided to split it up into individual band reports. This is the first one.

Horrors That You've Seen established themselves in early 2010 and have been one of the
early constituents of the Edinburgh Hardcore scene. They are made up of vocalist Graham Caldwell, guitarists Kieran Higgins and Niall Robb, bassist Chris "Remer" Hewer and Alain Baron on drums.

While Edinburgh has good death metal and metalcore scene's (which I'll cover in later reports), the hardcore scene was fairly small, but with HTYS being able to land great gigs with the likes of Cerebral Ballzy, Dead Swans and Trash Talk amongst others, the scene has started to grow.

Here's what HTYS vocalist Graham had to say about the scene and what the band have achieved so far -

You've played with a lot of really good hardcore bands, what is the Hardcore scene like in Edinburgh?

The hardcore scene was lacking here, which I think may have contributed to the fact we were getting put on a lot of huge shows. Don't get me wrong we do put a lot of work in and are grateful for every show we get put on, it is just that there wasn't a lot of competition. There's dozens of "metalcore" bands from Edinburgh that seem to be doing very well for themselves, but for straight-up hardcore there was until recently, very few of them. Bands like Shields Up had made a really good name for themselves before we were a band and to see how well they were doing made me want to start this band. With the help of DEAD DEAD DEAD Music, Choices Made-Events, Firestorm Events and The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh has established a scene. There's so many great new bands coming along all the time and often, more than once a week, I have a hardcore show to go to.

You've played with Cerebral Ballzy recently, how was that?

We've played twice with them now and they are really cool guys. Although both our bands have very different styles, we're both kind of associated with skate punk/thrash so it works out well. The crowd at the last show went crazy for us, which was a surprise as we weren't too sure on how well we would go down.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

First off we'll be launching "Breaking Hearts", we have a really amazing show lined up for that and we're looking forward for everyone to hear all the new material. The next step is to play it to as many people as we can, and play as many different places as we can. We'll be getting a tour booked up very soon so we'll just take it from there. We've also continued writing more music, and we'll be releasing that some time later this year, it could be an EP,Split or LP we have no idea!

What are you influences?

As cliche as it sounds we do draw influence from all across the spectrum. Every member of our band has a different taste in music, which we found difficult to work with at first, but once we got used to writing music together, everything kind of fell in place. Collectively we are influenced by hardcore bands that use stoner/doomy riffs such as New Lows, Weekend Nachos, Heathens, Cursed, Full Of Hell, Hang The Bastard etc. But we do try and mix things up and not fall into any specific genre.

You've recently been recording a full length record. How has that gone?

To be honest it couldn't have gone any better. We've been recording at Chambers Studios in Edinburgh, and we would highly recommend it to anyone. Graeme's done an excellent job of recording us. Also the new material sounds great, a massive step up from our previous effort and I genuinely think people won't be expecting it. 

What do you think about the metal/hardcore scene in general right now?

I think hardcore is in a great state just now. It's more popular than ever and there's loads of new amazing stuff being released all the time. For anyone that disagrees I suggest they check out Weekend Nachos new record and tell me it's not the best thing they've ever heard.  There is plenty of amazing american bands touring the U.K all the time as well, which wouldn't happen if there wasn't the demand for it. Although annoyingly the U.K tours don't include Scotland as much as I would like.

(This is the flyer for HTYS's upcoming gig in Edinburgh on the 4th of September)

Release wise, HTYS have an EP available for dowbload called Death to the Snakes II on Mediafire at, and if you like it make sure you go their BigCartel store at and buy a copy. They're only a quid! Stay tuned for a review on that soon.

They're also working on a full length at the moment called Breaking Hearts, with artwork done by Tom Lacey of The Ghost of a Thousand. Pre-oders will be on the 1st of September. Make sure you visit their Facebook page at for more info on that and what they are up to. Go do it now!

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