Friday 29 April 2011

Introducing - Shadows Lie Within

So, I've been trying to bring people as many bands from Yorkshire and these guys are no exception. Shadows Lie Within are from York and have so far released one EP called - Falling Apart, but are currently writing their second EP which they hope to record soon.

Shadows Lie Within are Nick Marsh on vocals, Gav Seargent and Dan Munn on guitar and Ken McGeachie on Drums and recently have taken on new bassist - Tom Smith. The guys are building a great live reputation and have shared the stage with many awesome local bands, including RSJ and are always looking for shows, so if you're able to help, get in touch with them!

A few days ago, I caught up with Drummer - Ken McGeachie, to find how things were going for the band and what is on the horizon this year:-

So how's it going? What have you been up to?

Hey, it's going good thanks! We've been polishing up a few new songs for us to hopefully record very soon, as we feel our older stuff is getting a tad outdated and is not so much the 'us' that we are now.

What are you're plans for this year?

This year we're looking to gig in as many new places as possible and hopefully hook up with some contacts who could take us around Europe and possibly America if we get really lucky. We're also going to record another EP with our more developed material that we feel we need to get out as soon as possible, as the quality is on a whole new level when compared to our first EP!

What are the bands main influences?

Our main influences would probably be bands such as Periphery, Caliban, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God and As I Lay Dying.

With Glamour of the Kill taking off, have you noticed a difference in the metal scene in York and are bands there starting to get more exposure?

4 – 5 years ago in York you could go to pretty much any gig and it would be packed, but these days it seems like people just like to go support their mates' bands, which is a shame, but we know hard work is needed to get the following that everyone wants and by playing all over the UK we can see where has the best scene and who are the most active music fans. Right now we have a pretty sick fan base in Scarborough, who love to get involved with us, and we also have awesome crowds fairly often in Selby.

How have people reacted to you guys when you have played you're stuff live?

We've gotten many different reactions... we've had our fair share of people just walking out, but we've also had many where people go absolutely crazy and those gigs are always insane, as the energy flows back and forth between band and crowd and everyone is just on form.

How did it feel to get recognition from Yannick of Iron Maiden and how did that come about?

He lives fairly close to our drummer Ken, who lives in Stockton-On-Tees, where we have a friend of the band who see's Janick in a local pub fairly often, so one day he took a T shirt down and Janick being the legend he is got his pose on and let us take a picture. He said he was going to check us out but unfortunately there's not been messages of a world tour with Maiden anytime soon. Haha.

What local bands would you suggest we check out?

We've come across a lot of awesome local bands throughout the UK, but everyone should definitely check out Subject-7, To Die A Martyr and RSJ.

These guys already have a decent presence online. You can check out their music and get the first EP via their Bandcamp page at - and you can check them out at their Facebook page at -

You guys can listen to tracks from their Falling Apart EP below and if you likw what you here, don't forget to download it from their Bandcamp profile.

You should really check Shadows Lie Within out, as they're another great band helping to shape what is already a far reaching and forward moving Yorkshire metal scene!.

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