Monday 25 April 2011

Introducing - Almost Failed

I didn't know a lot about the Austrian Metal scene, so I jumped at the chance to do a feature on Linz based band - Almost Failed. Almost Failed formed in the spring of 2010 and are now signed to American label - From The Depths Entertainment (they've worked with load of upcoming bands, including A Day To Remember, so they're pretty well equipped).

Almost Failed is made up of  Christian Steingress on vocals, Thomas Bögl and Mario Sanchez on guitar, Julian Rosenberger on Bass and Wolfgang Innerhaider on Drums.

A few days ago I caught up with one half of Almost Failed's guitar duo, Mario Sanchez to find out more about the band and the Austrian scene:-

So, hows it going for Almost Failed?

We've just played some really cool shows with awesome bands, released the first single of our upcoming EP called “Playing With Wolves” and have the time of our lives. So everything’s going great so far I guess.
What plans have you got for the band this year?

In July we are going to record our first EP which will be released in late August. Right now we’re also planning a Europe tour from September the 8th- 24th and after that we’re going to tour trough Austria a little bit so people get to know our new record.

I'm not very familiar with the Austrian metal scene. Can you tell me a bit about it?

Austrian metal scene has never been is such a good state as it is nowadays. There are so many talented bands out there and if you go to a show, you’ll see all these kids hanging out and having a good time. The bands are also supporting each other as good as possible and that’s what I think isn't something that has to be taken for granted nowadays.

You've been together since 2010. What has been your highlight so far and what do you guys hope to achieve in the future?

My highlight was definitely when we played a show with our friends in Inarcadia. People went wild during the show and afterwards it was a lot of fun hanging out with them and making party until the next day. That’s how it always should be, having a good time with other bands and sharing the same passion for good music.

What are your influence as musicians?

There are many things that we get influenced by while writing a song. If it is a certain band or song we listen to at the moment, something that happens around us, like in the media for example or if it’s just a certain kind of mood we’re into.

What do you think of the European metal scene at the moment?

European metal scene is booming at the moment. There are so many new bands that come out of nowhere and become big over night. Take for example Italy, Belgium or the Netherlands, they all have some incredible acts that are playing tours all over the world.

Have you found it hard getting shows in Europe and what has the reaction been like when you've played live?

To be honest, it is still hard to get shows in Europe because there is such a big selection of bands and there is just no time for all of them to play.
The response we got so far has been really great, I never expected people that have never seen us or heard us before, going wild during the show and coming up to us afterwards to tell us that we are awesome. That’s truly a impressive feeling!

Will you guys be coming over to UK at all?

Yes in September we will play four shows in UK on our Euro tour, dates will be 15th to 18th. We’re really excited for this!

What bands from your scene should people listen to?

Inarcadia, Showyourteeth, Outsmarted, Law Found Guilt, Blind Ambitions (UK). Just a little excerpt, but be sure to check them out!

Be sure to check Almost Failed out on Facebook at, Myspace at and check out their merch on Big Cartel at
Also, check out their label From the Depths Entertainment on Myspace at , on their blog at and of course on Facebook.

Remember also, to check out the bands that Mario referenced in the feature.

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