Friday 18 February 2011

Introducing - Witness the Fall

Witness the Fall are a wicked metal band from Dumfries in Scotland. These guys have been going since late 2007. The band consists of Nels on Vocals, Chris and Tony on Guitar, Jase on Bass and Dikie on Drums. Their first EP came out in 2009 and they are almost ready to release another. You can pick up their first EP on their BigCartel site at -

The band are also due to play with Sinocence in Dumfries on the 24th of February. Check out that event and more on their Facebook page at -

Earlier in the month I asked Chris, one of WtF's guitarists about how things were going and what the guys had planned:-

So how's 2011 going? What are your plans for the year?
2011 so far is going well,we've got a new drummer and guitarist broken in. we're just getting some shows sorted out and writing some new songs so we can get another EP done.other than that we just want to play as often and get in front of as many people as we can.

What prompted you guys to start Witness the Fall?

 Jason, Andy (ex drummer) and I were playing in another band at the time and we'd played a truly shit show in Edinburgh,so we got home and decided to do something new,that we all believed in.We'd played in a band with Nelson (the singer) so Jason phoned him up and that was it.We had 3 or 4 songs really quickly and it just felt really good,we were all just going in the same direction.

What are your influences?

 Musically Metallica,Exodus, Sepultura,Iron Maiden,Machine Head,Unearth,Darkest Hour,At the Gates,Carcass,not to mention 80's soundtracks!

What are you guys listening to at the moment?

 We all listen to a variety of things which is good it keeps everything quite fresh when we come to our material,Lower Than Atlantis,Between The Buried and Me,Unearth,a bunch of Blues stuff.The Haunted,Johnny Cash,Guns and Roses,The Ghost Inside,Necrophagist,Nile,In Flames,Akercocke,Stan Bush,Vince DiCola

What do you think of the state of metal at the moment?

 I'm quite excited and worried at the same time,it seems like there are so many splinters or factions of metal at the moment and if you listen to certain bands then your not part of "the scene"which we most certainly aren't part of.
Which makes it harder for bands outwith the scene to get shows and in front of people,it just makes us more determined though.

How has it been playing live and what kind of response have you got?

 Playing live is always good,we generally get a pretty positive reaction,there always seems to be more people down the front by the time we're finishing a set so that keeps us strong,or maybe they're just trying to steal beer from me.

Have any random events happened to you while playing live?

We were playing at and this guy came onstage and started really kinda spazzing out to us then he tried to perform a back flip which,well, lets just say it didn't end to well for him.

What have been your highlights so far?

 Playing in Glasgow,Edinburgh and at the amazingly named COCKROCK festival 2 years in a row,has been awesome,just getting to meet new bands and wasted in new and exotic can that be anything less that amazing!

Can you give us any tips on bands to check out from your local area?

 Yeah local boyo's Turbyne and Decimate our good friends in Glasgow, Grant Me Revenge

I also downloaded Witness the Fall's debut EP, through their Facebook page. It's a really impressive listen, with a good, modern production. It consists of four slabs of good old modern, groove laden hardcore influenced metal. The guitar melodies and riffs are really good and it's all anchored together nicely, by the band's rhythm section. The vocals are also vicious. This is a great record for fans of modern metal and a great starting point for people who are getting into heavier music. I can't wait to hear what their new material sounds like.

You can get physical copies of their EP through their BigCartel store, and it's well worth buying as you'll be getting it straight from the band and you'll be supporting another great homegrown band in the process.

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