Saturday 19 February 2011

Introducing - Demoraliser

I put a small intro feature up on this band a while back, but after their Drummer - Mat got in touch, i decided to put together a bigger feature on them.

Demoraliser are from Grimsby and formed in mid 2010. Shortly after their formation, they recorded and released their debut EP - Reform.Repent.Revenge, which they made available through Mediafire for people to download.

Demoraliser is made up of James Dexter - Vox, Nathan Smith - Guitar, Sam Jarvis - Guitar, John Stark - Bass and Mat Ombler - Drums.

The guys are in the process of recording a brand new EP, called - Conveyance. The band have made new track - The Anomaly available online for people to listen to at -;

You can also check out the video for the son Checkmate, from their debut EP here -;

So far, Demoraliser have played with Postmortem Promises on their farewell tour and have tours booked alongside Silent Screams and The Final Crisis.

And so to their EP - Reform.Repent.Revenge. Awesome slabs of hardcore infused metal. The songs are heavy affairs, but include some nice melodic guitar lines. The vocals are aggressive and the guitars pump out nice, breakdowns and riffs that keep the brutality raging throughout the tracks. They also through in some nice, discordant riffs to show variety. Breakdowns are used to good effect, especially in the track Checkmate and you can imagine crowds going crazy to this in a live setting. The production of the EP is also really good, allowing each instrument to breathe and cohesive as a whole.

There are 7 tracks on the EP altogether, so there's enough music for you to get a decent taste of Demoraliser. Go to -

Demoraliser are another great example of the homegrown talent that is emerging at the moment. Check them out at and they also have merch available at - So, what are you wating for! Get down!

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