Sunday 2 January 2011

Scene Heads-up - Melody of Your Demise

Melody of Your Demise are a post-hardcore band from York. The band are full of energy and so far, have played gigs all around Yorkshire to build up there reputation as a kick-ass live band. I caught up with screamer Chris, to ask him how things were going and to find out about to expect from Melody of Your Demise in 2011.

"2010 was an exciting year for us. We played our first gig in March, which was scheduled to be with The Ocean Between Us, who unfortunately couldn’t make it, but it was a really fun first gig and within a week we were offered slots with Trigger the Bloodshed and local legends RSJ.

Our year has progressively got busier and busier from there. We’ve worked really hard on getting in touch with promoters, trying to gig as much as possible whenever and wherever we can. In December we even played two gigs in one night in Hull. We love being on stage and want to get our music out to as many people as possible. A lot of reviews we’ve had done about us have said we are an interesting live band to watch, we just try and get out and play as often as possible.
The highlight for me at least was probably supporting Yashin and With one Last Breath to approx. 450 people.  We want to play more bigger scale gigs like this in 2011, we already have an opening slot supporting Glamour of the Kill and have a few more in the pipeline which will pull in some bigger crowds hopefully.
We also surpassed our own expectations by reaching the final of a battle of the bands 20 miles from our local fan base in Castleford.
All in all we’ve had so much fun, made loads of friends and can’t wait to further this in 2011!"

I've been checking out a lot of local bands recently. What do you guys think about the Yorkshire scene?
Yorkshire has a lot of amazing bands! We’re privileged in York to be surrounded by local bands that have such high standards and a lot of potential. Considering what a small city it is how many bands have ‘made it’, and there are so many that people don’t know about that one day might. It sets the standard high and pushes us to continually improve.

It's great to see so many bands on the local scene, helping each other out. Do you think that helps make the scene better and more accessible?
Yeah, defiantly. We’ve had loads of occasions where friends in other bands have got us on line ups and where we have got them on gigs. Which is cool cause often their fans will like us and ours will like them so yeah definitely a positive thing for the music scene.

What do you think about the state of the UK metal/hardcore at the moment?
It’s good, I guess. I personally think it’d be cool if there were more fans, like in America. But I’ve seen a lot of good local bands with a lot of talent and on a wider scale we’ve got bands like Asking Alexandria, Bring me the horizon and Gallows all massive in America where the whole scene it bigger. I think it’s a shame there isn’t the fan base and radio time for bands like this in England though as there is a lot of talent around just not as many opportunities for bands to be as successful.

You’re supporting Glamour of the Kill in Feb. How do you feel about of playing the show?
Can’t even say in words how stoked we are about this! We’re gonna definitely put in one of our best performances yet and work hard running up to it. But mainly it’s gonna be so fun (for us and our fans). I know a lot of our fans are GOTK and Shadows Chasing Ghosts fans as well so they’re looking forward to seeing us with a bigger crowd and hopefully some more crowd participation. It’s gonna be brilliant.

What other local bands would you say people should check out in 2011?
As I said above York really has an amazing scene so I’ll give you 5 of my favourites:
1.  Don’t Let Paris Fool You, a bit, well a lot different to us. Like Acoustic, folk, punk. But great to watch! Definitely worth checking out.
2.  You Cried Wolf, more similar to us, another metalcore band. Catchy, heavy music that’s awesome live!
3.  Mitzi’s Revenge, local more punk style band again. Amazing to watch live, really catchy songs! Defiantly going places!
4.  With One Last Breath, while these are a bit bigger than the bands above, they are still from York but they are right about to blow up! If you haven’t heard of them before though, check them out!
5.  Open invitation, is our guitarist (Jonny Gills) acoustic project! He’s got an amazing voice and he’s playing his acoustic gigs all the time! If you like acoustic music defiantly check him out!  

MOYD currently have some demo songs up on their myspace site, which you can listen to. Go to Also, check out their Facebook page for more news, including details about their gig with local high flyer's Glamour of the Kill.

Melody of Your Demise are another very promising addition to the Yorkshire scene and a band that I think you'll be seeing a lot more of in the future.

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