Sunday 16 January 2011

Blogs Away!

While I'm waiting for some stuff to come in for my next features, I thought I'd give a shout out to some blogs I've come across recently.

Firstly, a blog by Berlin Powerviolence band - Henry Fonda. The band update their blog with news about releases and tours. Be sure to check it out at - if your into your powerviolence!

Secondly, I found a blog by rising Norwegian blackened hardcore band Okkultokrati. Again, this is filled with updates and news about the band and their exploits. Go to and be sure to check this out.

While on my quest to seek out metal from all corners of the earth, I came across Bangkok Thrash. This is a website promoting thrash metal in Thailand. There's loads on it about cool Thai thrash bands and about the website own thrash metal festival. Go to for more info.

Consider it Core is a cool webzine about all things core. They have regular updates about new releases by hardcore/deathcore/metalcore/whatevercore bands and it is well worth checking out. Go to

Rockfreaks.Net is an online music magazine, based in Denmark, focusing on all ends of the metal/rock spectrum. It's full of news, interviews, gig and album reviews. go to for more.

And finally, on a more brutal note, check out Supreme It's an awesome webzine about death metal, grindcore and goregrind. So if your interested in all thing extreme and gory, get yourselves to I know I will be! 

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