Saturday 27 April 2024

Hexis - Relictus/Umbrae

Labels: 7Degrees Records/Ancient Temple Recordings/Starved Light

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 22 Apr 2024


1. Relictus

2. Umbrae

When I sat down to write the review of the Tethered demo, I opened up by saying how lovely it is to be able to write about and listen to familiar bands. They may be bands that have featured here in the past or bands that I've witnessed live, as well as those I have more of a personal connection with. Hexis is definitely one such name that can be counted as any and all of those things. From my first time seeing them live in the basement of The Royal Park Cellars in Leeds alongside This Gift Is A Curse in 2012 (I think), I was hooked.

Earlier this week, they released their latest two-track EP Relictus/Umbrae, on 8" vinyl and digital formats via 7Degrees Records (Germany), Ancient Temple Recordings (Canada) and Starved Light (Australia). Hexis are extremely active on the live circuit and also on the release front, notching up 19 physical releases not counting this one (according to Discogs).

The instant I hit play on ‘Relictus’ I’m transported back into the smoke and strobe-light filled pitch-black rooms that I remember witnessing Hexis in. Also, it dawns on me that the first time I saw them live was twelve years ago now!. Anyway, enough reminiscing as this is serious business and the black metal/hardcore fusion created by the band is brutally infectious, just as it has always been. There seems to be a preciseness to it here though, which makes the music sound even heavier.

Second song ‘Umbrae’ takes on a very different form to it’s predecessor. More feedback-laden, thicker in atmosphere and slower. At times it takes inspiration from drone but there’s also that sense that it’s going to explode into chaos. That chaos doesn’t come as expected though as Hexis choose instead to continue at a sludgy, slow pace (at least for them anyway). In doing so, it’s difficult not to be enthralled by the whole experience of this release.

It has always been hard to compare them to other bands but given who they have joined for split releases to date (As We Draw, Euglena, Redwood Hill, Primitive Man, This Gift Is A Curse, Telos), there’s a sense of kinship and snapshots in time that went on to shape this EP. Consistency can sometimes be a substitute for boring, but it’s not the case with Hexis. This EP will leave you aching for more and if you aren’t already familiar with their extensive back catalogue, then what are you waiting for?

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally, and physically from Hexis below:-

Hexis -

7Degrees Records -

Ancient Temple Recordings -

Starved Light -

7Degrees Records -

Ancient Temple Recordings -

Starved Light -

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