Wednesday 21 February 2024

The Oldest House - A Worm Through Time

Labels: I, Voidhanger Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 26 Jan 2024


1. Objects Of Power

2. The Oldest House

3. A Worm Through Time

4. Interdimensional Mold

5. The Painting On The Wall

It's been a pretty sobering start to the year if I'm being honest, hence the sporadic nature of things here. The focus of this review will do nothing to brighten the mood but sometimes it's better to sink to the lowest depths, so you can rise up at the other end. Spanish sludge/doom band The Oldest House is the brainchild of A.M. of Aversio Humanitatis (Debemur Morti Productions) fame amongst others, with drums provided by J.H. You may be familiar with that band's black metal, but The Oldest House promises something altogether different. I'm excited so let's jump in.

A Worm Through Time is described as being a sludge/doom EP but I’m not sure what to expect. It has drawn some (very tangible) comparisons musically and as opener ‘Objects Of Power’ begins, it takes away every last breath you have thanks to it’s sheer wall of heaviness. An initial lumbering, bass-heavy tempo takes the lead alongside deep growls that build in ferocity as the music does. It’s not without it’s technicality though thanks to the percussive skill later on, highlighting why the band found a home on I, Voidhanger Records for it’s debut release.

A.M.’s black metal roots aren’t too far away here, as the spine-tingling vocal delivery on ‘The Oldest House’ shows. Extreme metal is extreme metal, whatever sub-genre you categorise it into, so it’s best to just enjoy it in whatever form it comes. Here, that form is unwaveringly heavy and satisfyingly groovy. Yes, there’s some psych going on here!

Talking of psych, title song ‘A Worm Through Time’ takes you on a journey thanks to it’s spellbinding bass performance and shaman-like singing/chanting that almost throws you off, before everything shifts in a grind/PV direction. I have to say that this uptempo approach to sludge and doom isn’t usually my thing (I like it slow and drawn out most of the time) but The Older House completely changes my orientation here.

‘Interdimensional Mold’ is the EP’s shortest song and it provides a bit of respite from the extremity of previous songs thanks to the addition of ambient sounds that are almost cosmic. It’s fully instrumental and leads perfectly into closer ‘The Painting On The Wall’, which provides one final opportunity to appreciate everything that The Oldest House has to offer musically. The band offers so much!

I haven’t covered a great deal of 2024 releases up to now; however, what I have heard and featured has been extremely strong so far. This EP is no different. It’s given me an appetite to dive into sludge and doom again, though that temptation is never far away!. Great stuff. Let’s hope and hold our breath for more from The Oldest House in the future.

You can stream and purchase the EP on both CD and digital formats below:-

The Oldest House -

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